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2023 - The New World

Consider for a moment that you lived in a community of say 15,000 people. Consider you lived on the prairies in Canada and the year is 2023 and you and your spouse were busy getting ready for a big vacation, two weeks all inclusive cruise to the Mediterranean. It was a week away until you flew out and there was so much to do. So excited after those terrible two years of the virus.

There is a party tonight at your daughter’s house for one of your granddaughter’s birthday. It was going to be fun, but, putting up with the Mabel and Fred, her in-laws is always challenging. And then there is the 15 classmates your grand daughter had invited, seems a bit more like work than fun. Afterall, she and the kids and her husband were just here on Sunday along with your other 3 kids and their children, and you had a blast. You all went bowling, had to wait 20 minutes for some lanes to open up there was so many of you. But all of you were tuckered out from the family wedding and dance the day before. Luckily, it was in town and you along with 250 other friends and family partied hardy, lots of hugs and dancing and enjoying each others company. So nice to see faces again and smiles. The bride was so radiant and happy she could finally have that big white dress wedding she dreamt of as a girl.

Maybe you should just skip out because Tom’s kids had hockey the same night and Mary, your oldest daughter had asked you to take the Missy, the high school senior to her basketball game. You both loved watching the kids play. You loved watching the smiles on their rosy, red cheeks as they high fived on the bench and group hugged after a big score.

But what if all of that is just a dream and you wake up. It is still 2023 but none of that is happening. The variants are too much, you have to stay safe, and anyway, Missy had taken her own life last month. You collapse on the bed and cry. You can’t get up, your head throbs and your heart is shattered.

If only this virus would go away and they’d hurry up with that next vexxxeeene, then they promised we would have more freedoms. And of course, next week Amazon was delivering your booster shot for that first virus. You wish your spouse was here, you loved her so, she died a year ago, her organs gave out when she caught this damned variant. They warned us that we weren’t immune from variants after the first vexxxeeene. If those damned Freedom fighters would have stayed home and wore two masks as told this wouldn’t have happened, good they are all locked up now, but I miss my brother Ted, we were close, he just fell into that conspiracy stuff, I hope he is well, but I am hearing not. He tried telling us about that Cytokine storm crap but if it were true our doctor would have warned us, our health officials and leaders would have told us of the possible side effects and they reassured us over and over again everything was safe. And if there was more to the story, I know CBC or CTV would have called them out.

What would you do today? The military have blocked your section of the city off because they said quite a few escaped from the camps a few days ago and they were full of disease, the radio said so, it wasn’t safe. Food supplies are tight these days, the Freedom Rebels are stealing it, wish they’d catch them. Three stations on the tv. No reruns, they’ve all been scrubbed and good thing, people would get the wrong ideas. There is a new show though, it is a documentary narrated by President Bill Gates. The state sent us all these nice virtual reality monitors. Brother Ted was always going on about the subliminal messages in that technology. He tried telling us the games and these devices were making our kids mentally ill but look where it got him, he was so mixed up, poor Ted.

I am happy that we have Bill Gates, he is the greatest President the world has ever known, the first Supreme Global Leader. It was no surprise he won the election with 98% support, having all mail in ballots is definitely the safest way what with the variants, and they were really bad at that time so we were complete lockdown for our own safety.

Hmmm, not much to do, books were burned last year but the state sends a magazine every week with everything we need to know, and it is free, bonus. Speaking of money the allowances will be deposited week from now. Looking forward to ordering from the grocery store, I hope they have fish this week, it’s been a while as I am tired of the lab grown beef even if it is so much healthier for us than from an animal.

So, I think just for today, I will smoke a joint, same as yesterday, helps me chill out, then watch President Bill, that will be awesome.

Exaggeration? I hope and I wish nothing but the best for each and everyone one of you. I don’t need to do this blogging. I make no money. I lose friends. Neither of which I enjoy but would rather speak than cower. I am far from perfect. For the first time in my life I have considered moving to South Dakota or Texas but even they don’t look safe considering what is going on with the US southern border. That is all intentional. And they will be coming for their guns and taking away their freedoms once they have Canada under control. Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis (man could we use some brave and common-sense provincial leaders like them) will be challenged and I am sure they are well aware of the coming storm. Mexico is probably the safest says my virtual YouTube “friend” Jeff Beswick. He says the cartel keeps the government honest.

But I am staying here, for now. I am staying for my kids and grandkids, my Mom, my Aunt. God hates a coward. Revelations 21:8 lists the cowards ahead of murderers and rapists when he deals his final judgements, they are the first to go. You don’t have to believe in the Bible to understand the importance of the words written.

I truly don’t care if you take the xexxxeeene, we all have free will. If it does what you wish without the possible side effects, then fill your boots. You will be immune won’t catch anything from those of us that don’t. But we must stick together and start standing up or that story I concocted may not seem so far fetched. Something weird is going on in this country, something very weird.

These two videos say a lot.

One is Doug Ford on the weekend stating that “any politician that goes against their medical advisor might as well put a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge.” I hope he meant that metaphorically to be political suicide and not something more nefarious. Regardless, he went into politics to lead and a leader’s job is to protect his people.

And of course, the CNN Health Correspondent with the, well then, what would the carrot be to take the vexxxeeene? (slapping the side of my head)

I get hung up and melancholic about the world because of how ugly it is and how much lost potential and human waste exists. Humans can be capable of such beauty but the world we live in represses our life force and makes it near impossible for anyone to ever experience a full expression of their nature. And the human spirit desires growth and empowerment. It is up to each of us to decide how much freedom and liberty mean to us, and how much it means tio us to leave a legacy for the next generation.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan.



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