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A Call for Courage and Common Sense

Why are Conservative Premiers acting as if they are under a spell by the pied piper?

Did you know that out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada we have six Conservative premiers (PEI, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta) , three Liberals (Yukon, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) , two blends of Liberal/Conservative (Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories) , one NDP (British Columbia) and one which operates as a consensus, Nunavet . There may never have been a time in Canadian history when we have such a strong Conservative presence and never a time that we could use a bold, independent and courageous voice that Conservative leaders are traditionally known for.

You would think that when eight out of thirteen governments are Conservative, or at least a blend, there would be a ton of independent thought and debate. You would expect that at least one of them might be challenging and debating the Prime Minister and his COVID team as they watch their provinces collapse into disarray.

Who is sticking up for Canadian values? In the past you could count at least one Ralph Klein, John Crosby or Stephen Harper to be in power to talk some common sense. What has happened to the brash and macho Conservatives pictured here on the cover of Maclean’s magazine - December 2018? Canadian’s across the country are in desperate need for a saviour and no one is stepping up.

This situation is far past the point of partisanship, people are looking for "real" leadership, someone with courage and commonsense. We’d take a Chretien or a Martin, a Layton or a Lougheed, a Wall or a Harper, a Romanow or a Douglas. I highly doubt any of these men would be the shrinking violets we see today. ((Hey, I know one, her name is Leslyn Lewis, (check her out) but that is for another blog.))

I get it, we have a virus amongst us. A benign virus that has not been anywhere close to as deadly as it was advertised. I watched and supported the two-week lock-down in the spring of 2020 because it was the right thing to do, the Saskatchewan way, cooperation. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” (peanuts), “We are all in this together” (obviously), Better six feet apart than six feet under” (I’m in). The catchy phrases were adhered to by most everyone. In Saskatchewan, Dr Shahab and Premier Moe were media darlings and their popularity soared. Who wouldn’t like the affable and considerate Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe came off as a strong leader?

Fast forward to press conferences January 26th and Feb 2nd. A lot of time has passed, almost eleven months and the two of them are still saying the same old stories, albeit with muffled voices behind masks and eyes that don't exactly indicate confidence. Neither of them looks well, not like the good old days in March when they were likely welcome for dinner and drinks by almost anyone in the Province, maybe even Dr. Meili? Today they speak without any conviction. It doesn’t appear they believe in what they are saying. Blame it partly on “COVID” fatigue but it is almost as if they are following a script.

If you give it some thought, how could they believe in their actions? They haven’t done anything different in eleven months and they have no end game in sight. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. They know full well the collateral damage they are causing by their protocols is worse than the lives they are saving under their set of rules . They know that child and domestic abuse along with suicides, drug overdose deaths, alcohol abuse, bankruptcies, collapse of small businesses, an unacceptable number of deaths in senior care homes, extraordinarily high cases of child depression and suicides are all at levels far exceeding anything that has ever happened before and would have been considered a major epidemic just one year ago. But they never speak of it, WHY?

Perhaps the reason they both appear dishevelled and dishonest is that they know they could be doing something about all this mess. It is inconceivable to believe that they would not be aware of what other countries have been doing to keep their economies open with healthier people and lower mortality rates.

· 1,195 health professionals

· 407 received no treatment - 58% became infected with COVID

· 788 self-administered ivermectin oral drops and an iota-carrageenan nasal spray - not one infection.

When you see studies and stats like this you wonder how you can allow so many seniors in care homes to die?

I use Moe and Shahab as examples, but you see it on the faces of other Premiers and their doctors as well. One wonders why none of them are doing anything about this. Let’s face it, each province has it’s own Chief Medical Officer but not one of them does or says anything different. They all follow orders from Trudeau and Tam.

So, if they know they could be saving lives but aren’t, what is it that Trudeau has over them? I can’t bring myself to believe they are all deliberately allowing this to happen to their people, so what is it? Is it about money they were promised if they followed orders? Check out this link regarding the President of Belarus and come to your own conclusion. He claims he was offered $940 million by the IMF to crash his economy, mask everyone up and lock them down. He refused. Is that what you'd call courage and common sense?

I will close with this. I realize it is hard to wrap our heads around the fact that our leaders may not be doing all they can for us. I do not believe they are terrible people, but something smells and so I ask questions that I think everyone should be asking.

· “Why has Dr. Shahab never mentioned, or for that matter mandated, Vitamin D and Zinc for all immune compromised?”

· “Why has Dr. Shahab never mentioned why he completely disregards the advice of Yale educated doctors and those of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), all of whom are among some of the most knowledgeable medical minds and professionally published people in the medical world --- on how they use existing, safe and readily available pharmaceuticals in reducing hospitalizations and deaths?

Watching these gives me a sick feeling that we are neglecting to these top professionals.

For the love of this great country let us hope and pray that at least one of our leaders can break the spell of the pied piper before the entire nation drowns and more people are sacrificed as collateral damage.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,

Daryl Cooper


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