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A Press Conference with Saskatchewan Physicians.

Informed Consent - Do No Harm

Yesterday, June 17, 2021 I attended a press conference across the street from Walter Murray Collegiate, a high school in Saskatoon. The event was the second press conference organized by patriot and freedom fighter Eylon Mogilner, founder of Concerned Parents of Saskatchewan. The event was arranged to bring awareness to the dangers of administering an experimental drug, in the form of a jab, to children.

The speakers were esteemed Surgeon and Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Francis Christian, Saskatoon Family Physician Dr, Chong Wong and by telephone from Alberta, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, pathologist and CEO and Medical Director of Western Medical Assessments.

Dr. Christian spoke first. Among many other points, he declared that he is a pro-vaxxer but clarified that this is a totally new experimental technology that doesn’t’ resemble any vaccine we have ever saw before. He expounded on the fact that informed consent is so important and is continually being violated in this province. He outlined that none of the so-called vaccines have been approved and are only allowed to be used based on the made up premise that we are in an emergency. We aren’t! He states that children are not Covid -19 transmitters, and the virus does not pose a threat to children. Myocarditis is a serious condition with long-term implications, even death for children and that so many of these cases have shown up that Germany and the United Kingdom have stopped giving this drug to their children while the CDC in the USA is holding an emergency meeting today, June 18th to see if they too shall halt this dangerous injection to healthy strong children. He finishes off explaining that the Nuremberg Code is being violated by physicians who are not honouring their pledge to always put their patients and humanity first.

Dr. Chong Wong spoke next. He thanked Premier Moe and Minister Merriman for their work but stated that they keep pushing and pushing these vaccines but people are not getting proper informed consent. He reiterated many of the same points regarding safety and informed consent that Dr. Christian did.

Next up was Dr Hodkinson that started by stating:

· “This is state sponsored child abuse, this is gross negligence on the grandest scale.”

· Not one child in North America has died from Covid-19 unless they had serious pre-existing conditions prior.”

· “This vaccine is experimental and unsafe by any criteria, totally unsafe.”

· “Not subjected to the normal 5-to-7-year clinical trial.”

· “Concerns over myocarditis and also causing infertility in both men and women.”

· “The state and the province is culpable of medical negligence on the most grotesque scale because they are compromising the code of moral ethics that we are all supposed to live by as in Do No Harm, and the second one is Informed Consent.”

Hodkinson aptly pointed out that anyone claiming these to be safe are lying and that is called medical malpractice. (If you want to see examples of these propaganda doctors in Saskatchewan, check out social media sites for people like (and there are more) Dr. Alexander Wong, Dr. Hasan Masri and Dr. Emily Sullivan or have a listen to favorite talk show guest Dr. Joseph Blondeau who has been singing the wrong stories on most everything Covid related since the beginning.)

None of this is new news but it is refreshing to finally see Saskatchewan doctors joining the hundreds of thousands of physicians worldwide that are putting their own careers and reputations on the line to speak the truth so that they do not violate their moral and ethical code.

I have been at this a long time, and I have been critical of physicians for recommending this. What I have come to discover is that many of them truly have no clue what is in these injections. For so long they have simply taken orders, fully trusting the product they have been recommending. Many of them couldn’t tell you the ingredients or how it works. Sadly, ignorance isn’t a defence if harm comes to their patients who rely on them for advice.

In my past life as a Portfolio Manager, we had two main proponents to follow when dealing with our clients, Know Your Client, and Due Diligence on Products recommended. The parallels are so similar. In fact, many in our industry used to use the phrase when speaking to clients that like a doctor they needed to know their patient prior to subscribing something for their investment portfolio.

This vaccine product is being sold as term life insurance when in fact it is a high risk exploratory mining stock with very little data, a place where you could lose it all. The result for an investment professional doing this would be dismissal, fines, and possible jail time.

Considering that the implications with the vaccine are more serious than losing someone’s money, doctors had best wake up to the reality, because as Dr. Hodkinson closed off, “when the truth comes out, and it will, heads will roll and there will be blood in the gutter, reputations will be slaughtered, the most tragic moments in medical history and the people that are involved in this should be brought to task and should be punished, they should be brought to trial.”

Yours in love of all people of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,

Daryl Cooper


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