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A War We Must Win

We are in a war that mankind has never witnessed. The outcome will determine the fate of mankind forever.

This war isn’t about neighbour vs neighbour, vexxed vs un-vexxeed, daughter vs father, left vs right or even about science. This is a Global War. It is a Spiritual War brought on by evil that none of us asked for. It is utterly obvious that this has never been about your health, nor has it ever been about global warming or terrorism or racism or any of the other tactics they have used in to keep us divided, in fear and in conflict with one another, when the real enemy is the one creating the stories. This war is about control of the world, it is truly biblical and it is written about in the Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible and in the Book of Enoch in the Ethiopian Christian Bible.

In the book Art of War, Sun Tzu points out that the supreme art of war is to subdue and break the enemy’s resistance without fighting. So far in this war they, the world elites, your governments, your health officials and their lap dogs, the media have been winning the battles. But they appear to be in a state of panic as more and more of the world wakes up to their lies. I believe they have “pushed in all of their chips” , they have laid it all on the line and as such we should expect more bizarre events and announcements to try and keep us in a state of fear. But we can and we will win, we just have to do our part by staying calm and having “faith.” Do not allow them to drive you into anxiety! Salvation is there for those that can withstand the temptation and cave to their demands.

I have had many challenges in my life, all created by myself. I never realized what I was doing or even why until a few years ago when it became apparent. All those challenges led me to look for wise teachers and to go inside and accept that there is a higher power that we can rely on if we invite them into our lives.

Besides the Bible, one of the first places I was led to was to the book, Power vs Force by David Hawkins. A book that was created by a man that started out as an atheist but who accepted that a higher power existed which allowed him to create one of the most powerful maps to true happiness. A great complement to spiritual texts.

That map is the Map of Consciousness you see below.

Your level of consciousness truly determines your level of joy and ultimately could determine your eventual salvation in this, the Greatest of all Wars.

I confess, I lived much of my life in the bottom half of that chart, and I know many others have as well. We were a product of our times and no one is to blame, not even ourselves once we become aware of a better way. Have you ever heard the quote, “Fear is a great motivator?” Yes, that is a quote I was taught early on and one I used to “motivate” me. But success doesn’t always equate to happiness.

As time went by, I learned that motivation is much different than Inspiration. To be Inspired is to be “in-spirit”, you know, that higher dimension that all of us have access to. When one is motivated, you set goals, achieve them and still feel empty, as the “struggle” never brought the “Joy” you expected, so you set new goals and the hamster starts running in the wheel again. Much of the time we live in fear, guilt and anger and those are unhealthy emotions which can lead to dis-ease and dis-ease ultimately manifests into illness.

To be inspired in a project or work or a relationship means to feel a connection to what makes your heart warm. It brings you a sense of calm or Peace, Joy and Love. Once you come to Acceptance, that there is a spirit to guide you and a Willingness to trust, your life will change magically.

Right now, at this time, is the most magical time on Earth and we all have a choice how to react to the madness that surrounds us. Mankind has never been more divided, and the separation seems to be widening. Many of us have chosen to follow our own path, one that is not popular amongst the Establishment, and while we are the silent majority, it is a tough road to walk, no different than the early followers of Jesus. We get attacked and mocked, discredited, and doxed and all those new-fangled ways the government, the media and their followers have to try and Shame us. We get attacked by the Establishment media, locked up by the Establishment government, censored by Big Tech, mislead by Big Pharma and mocked by there disciples who follow every word that is told to them.

Many that disagree with us live in a state of perpetual Anger and Fear and many will not rise out of this state due to their own Pride or outright ignorance. I say that with all due respect and love for all human beings, but I do not have to like their behaviour and will always state the obvious, this is no time for political correctness. Their hate will be their demise either by developing dis-ease or when the Rapture begins, and I believe it already has.

I am an eclectic Christian but not religious. I accept that all people that follow a faith/religion built on Love and Light. There are religions of darkness, just search the Church of Satan, it is quite popular. I have come to the conclusion that those of us that can maintain our benevolence and composure for those that are against us, will be fine as this Rapture intensifies. Where are we with the Rapture? I cannot say but if I had to guess I would say we are in the bottom of the 5th and we are just coming to bat, cause, we are the Home Team! We know the outcome but cannot let down our guard and we should continue to invite others to join us. Acceptance of everyone is our way of showing unconditional love.

I am sad each day for the state we are in. Ephesians 6: 10-15 states that we should not be fighting each other but rather the evil that wish to oppress us, that being our governments, health leaders and media that feed us misinformation to weaken our bodies, our spirit, and our minds. We should be standing together, and it makes my heart glad to see the larger cities in Canada and around the world with millions marching every Saturday.

The Book of Enoch and Revelations describe it metaphorically as sheep (Enoch), or people (Revelations) that choose to follow false idols. They speak of people are not trusting their judgement or instincts (the God within them) and following outside counsel and show no trust in their own God given immune system which inadvertently is a statement that their own bodies aren’t good enough. They are innocently proclaiming their “faith” in people like Bill Gates, Tedros, Fauci, Trudeau, Tam, Moe and Shahab. These people are the FALSE PROHETS. I have stated many times, I hope I am wrong, but these people could be some of the first to succumb to the Tribulations. It is what is written.

Enoch goes further and states that God shows no mercy for the shepherds of the sheep as they were lazy or afraid. The first three chapters in the Book of Revelations is God’s judgement of the Churches. We watch as a few pastors in Canada go to jail for shepherding their flock while the majority of the pastors cower at the will of the False Prophets, even encouraging at the pulpit to their congregation to get the vexxenne while not supporting their fellow ministers. They will face their judgement but that is God’s job. Personally, I find it disgraceful when they have the influence to change the course of history.

Revelations gives people ample opportunity to repent. If we refer to Hawkin’s Map the first thing one living in the Fear state is move to a Neutral position and have a Willingness to Accept that they may have been wrong. Just because you chose the vexxenne doesn’t mean you cannot survive even if some people believe it is the mark of the beast. All it takes is the Courage and the Willingness to swallow their Pride to overcome their Anger and Fear.

For those of us that have already shown an Understanding (Reason) of the situation we are in it is extremely important to stay in the highest form of vibration we can as often as we can. We are going to slip, we will get Angry or Afraid, those are normal emotions, and they should not be suppressed. Rather, they should be welcomed, Accepted, trusted and allowed to run their course, as you climb the ladder back to a place of Love and Peace. Prayer and meditation are essential. Find what works for you.

Taking care of our spiritual and emotional level is important but so is our physical. There are many things to do such as sunshine, human contact like actually getting together with friends and family, hugging and singing, exercise, eating healthy, taking the right supplements and shutting off the news, it is all fake anyways. Read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk. Music is great, I listen to a lot of stuff on YouTube at 432 Hz as I learned 432 Hz resonates with 8 Hz (the Schumann Resonance), the documented fundamental electromagnetic “beat” of Earth. Avoid the nasty stuff like Cardi B, that stuff messes with your vibration.

These next few weeks, months, maybe even years will be challenging but the reward comes to those that are willing to take care of themselves (mind, body, spirit). This war is necessary to throw the evil ones that started this war into the pit of fire, so we can create a New Earth, a place that will be better than anything we can imagine. Revelations 21 is a great read and a great way to sign off.

Keep your loved ones close, stay in faith and forgive those that oppress you, for as Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Yours in love of all that is Light and Love,


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02 Μαΐ 2021

Thank you, Daryl. All these things I’ve known before, but the road is long and hard. Your words give me hope.

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Jason Konechny
Jason Konechny
02 Μαΐ 2021

Another great read, thanks Daryl. Keep writing and God Bless you and your family.

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