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An Open Letter to the Media of Saskatchewan

When I started blogging in November last year I never intended or could have imagined to be where I am now, writing a letter to the very folks that cancelled me last October, asking for their humanity. I hold no grudge for the cancellation, I believe everything happens for a reason and it became evident as I have watched in absolute disbelief at the propaganda, collusion, deceit, and misinformation that is everything surrounding this flu virus.

So, I write this open letter to you folks in hopes that some of you will find the humanity within you to bring the truth to the masses that follow your words. I ask of you to do so, if not for the consequence of releasing your own conscience, then maybe you would for the safety and protection of the children in this province. The fact that they are being coerced into taking a potentially harmful, even lethal injection is something I don’t think many of us could have imagined we would be witness to.

All of you have sat back and ignored the truth that has been out for some time now around the straight up lies surrounding the PCR tests. You have allowed this charade as colluders with the provincial government to continue to be announced as truth to a trusting public without any transparency. (References 2-10)

You have said nothing when all case mortality has barely budged, even lower than the flu of 2015 proving this is a “case-demic” based on phoney testing rather than a true pandemic. (R. 16)

You have done little to nothing to expose the harmfulness and pointlessness of the wearing of masks. (R. 11-15)

I have never heard anyone speak about the rationale required to have an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine. See R. 17, page 3, I squared it for you in red, the last sentence states, “There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition.” It was shortly after this authorization went into effect that the campaign to discredit HCQ and ivermectin began in earnest. On March 24, 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan stopped the use of HCQ, “ALL” antivirals such as ivermectin which is on a list of the safest drugs in the world and winner of a Nobel Prize, and any and all antibiotics for treatment of COVID-19. (R.18)

Has none of this even gave you pause knowing all the countries in the world that have, are and continue to use off-purpose drugs with safety and success and saving lives of their people with these treatments? (R.19 and 20)

If we are truly in a war to end all wars, why have we not been using all ammunition to save people’s lives? Hundreds of countries the world over, with much less resources than Canada, have substantially lower death rates due to using existing medications. Why have you not grilled Shahab, Moe, Merriman, et al, on why they haven’t told people how to boost their immune systems with exercise, sunshine, vitamins and minerals? Why are you not curious enough to continuously question the medical community and the government on why they have suppressed and/or banned the use of safe and effective medications used worldwide such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, colchicine and British Columbia biotech company, AbCellera’s drug bamlanivimab, and many others?

You have paid lip service to the collateral damage, especially to children. Children should not be masked up, they have virtually no risk a 99.996% survival rate. Why put them in the line of danger with an injection of an experimental drug.

If one wants to see a conspiracy you need look no further than the fact you have not encouraged scientific debate in spite of numerous challenges. Is there not one discerning voice amongst the whole lot of you? You have encouraged testing, testing, testing for months and followed that up with an all-out marketing campaign in support of the injection. When you can’t tell the difference between Gormley and CBC you realize that “you truly are all in on this together.”

My passion and interest peaked in January which led to an open letter to the provincial government and all MLAs on January 27th. (R. 1) It is a solutions-based approach to reopen the entire economy and communities with lower deaths and hospitalizations and no need for a costly and unapproved vaccine. The letter is publicly endorsed by 12 doctors and privately by dozens more. I have nothing but a love for the people for this province and would rather be doing something else with my life than this. But I have had the blessing of time and the ability of basic discernment and the assistance of numerous doctors to keep fighting for the truth.

My resolution to speak up became more certain as I shuttered at the detention camp conditions that seniors were forced to live in, dying from loneliness and from the virus. So many of these deaths were/are preventable. If allowing seniors to die by suppressing treatments isn’t bad enough, I am now watching with utter horrification at the insidious attack on our children.

I have no idea what is going on? I have no idea why so many seemingly honourable and conscientious people have become so irrational and downright immoral. I know it is not as simple that all of you have gone completely mad. So, are you being paid or afraid? Who are you protecting and how, with the mountain of evidence you cover up, the inconsistencies that you know of, do you wish to live with these lies as part of your legacy?

Who in the world would inject an unapproved, experimental drug into anyone let alone a child for a virus that has a survivability rate over 99.7% for anyone under 80 years old?

Thus, I come to you, with the love and mercy of God to ask that you assist myself and others in putting a stop to this extremely dangerous situation the government has placed our children in. Do you not see anything wrong with a 13-year-old being allowed to override their parents’ decision about their health?

One day soon the truth will come out, it always does. What will be your part in this historic chapter?

Every one of you know how to get the statistics of injuries and deaths already caused by this experiment. Between Europe’s EudraVigilance, the UK Yellow Card and the USA VAERS there is over 20,000 deaths and 1 million injuries, so far from these jabs, exceeding the past 16 years combined for all other vaccines. The long-term effects may prove to be as bad or worse. Add to the fact that children as young as 13 can override their parents and make a life altering decision on their own is reprehensible. Informed consent of the kind I just mentioned, such as the number of deaths and serious injuries and possible long-term effects is absent. Between peer pressure and lack of cognitive maturity, this jab happy gung-ho government are placing children in unnecessary danger.

But you know all this, and yet you still say silent! You MUST NOT stay silent any longer. This is children we are talking about!

Yours truly,

Daryl Cooper


References can be found at:


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