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The above quote by author Bodie Thoene is an apt description for the decrepit, yet salvageable mess that is called Canada.

I was speaking with a good friend yesterday. He is wintering in the US and isn’t coming back anytime soon given the current madness going on in our country right now. We spoke of the situation, not only in Canada but in the USA. We shared, that for the first time in our lives, we were sad. Sad at the condition that our country is in right now and where it appears headed. We are sad for humanity in general and we are both most concerned for the future of our kids and grandkids. Both of us ahve always been optimists, the "cup half full" types. We have taken similar paths in our lives. We grew up in the land of opportunity where nothing was given to you nor expected. The world was your oyster, Canada was the country of opportunity and for those who wished to contribute to society in a productive manner they were able to live a healthy and prosperous life.

He commented on how I sign off in my blogs where I state, “Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan.” He said you know, Saskatchewan isn’t great any longer, and neither is Canada, they are both shells of what they used to be and are far short of their potential. The common denominator, leadership.

The destruction of Canada has been well planned and orchestrated since 2015 when the Liberals came into power. As I have mentioned, ad nauseum, every move made by the Federal Liberals and their supporters has been well calculated. Oh sure, they make mistakes but not as many as they get blamed for. Most of their moves have been well calculated to move Canada to become, “the world’s first post-national state.” Trudeau wants Canada to be the poster child for the New World Order. No one really knew what PM Justin Trudeau meant when he made that statement (“the world’s first post-national state”) in 2015 but we have learned much in the past 14 months and sadly, I fear we will have front row seats to the show very soon.

As I mentioned before, I hope I am wrong. I hope with all my being that everything that is happening in Canada at both the Provincial and Federal levels is truly intended to be about our health. But the realist knows that a government that actually loved their country or province and truly cared for their people wouldn’t suppress life saving medications and advice on healthy living on purpose. If people in government genuinely cared they would be more than willing to engage in debates with people like myself or medical professionals to defend their positions. I mean any business person selling a product or service is happy to defend the virtues of their offering, so why not the governments or their health leaders. In every province west of Quebec, all Premiers and their Health Adviser(s) have been challenged, NONE have accepted. What does that tell you? The reason they haven’t is that you can drive a Mack truck through every part of their protocols. When you actually pay influencers to peddle your product, an experimental medical procedure to people who are trusting you for advice, and cannot and will not defend yourself, you are godless and heartless. And let us not forget that in Canada, the survival rate is for this virus is 99.94%. (24,000 deaths out of 37.6 million people).

Justin Trudeau let everyone know awhile back when he smugly announced via zoom in an address to the UN, "that this pandemic has given the world the opportunity to “accelerate” the Great Reset." Who may I ask wants a Great Reset? Well, the globalists of course. This stuff is no longer the dreaded “conspiracy theories” any longer, it is plastered all over the UN and the WEF websites. The end goal of the UN, who by the way just recently elected China and Saudi Arabia to their standing committee on the status of women (oh my, such human rights luminaries), is a One World Government with China as the model society, and Canada is the great jewel.

Canada has the world’s largest supply of fresh water. It has the 3rd large reserves of oil, minerals, and a vast landscape of arable land. This is why, when the rest of the world is opening up, Canada is going the other way with tighter restrictions. If everything keeps going as per the “leaked” or “intentionally leaked” Liberal caucus plan things will only get worse as the summer moves along.

My friend and I also spoke of the mental state and divisiveness that is very apparent, not just in Canada but around the world. There is a growing divide that isn’t drawn on political lines but rather on beliefs. No one knows the numbers; you cannot trust a thing any government tells you when it comes this virus but lets say it is about 50/50. Half of the people believe everything that the government is telling them and are lining up for the jab and the other half are skeptical and waiting until the jab drugs are approved by the FDA/Health Canada which will be sometime in 2023. (Pfizer and Moderna both have roughly 30,000 enlisted in the Phase III trials.)

One trouble is the toxicity that spews from "all trusting" bunch is atrocious. And herein lies one of two of Canadian’s biggest problems, we are divided, and that is exactly what fascist states want, to divide and conquer. And when you are divided you do not have a common cause. I am obviously with the skeptical crowd and the vast majority of us do not seek out fights. We would prefer that no one took the vaccine and instead used proven treatments without the risk applicable to the vaccine but we accept their free will and wish to stand together to save our country from fascist communism, and actually create something beautiful for all of us no matter race or religion.

And therein lies the second problem, we aren’t standing up to tyranny. Instead, we are politely accepting every lockdown and are apathetic to our freedoms being taken away under our noses. And anytime a group decides to stand up they are mocked and targeted by the government and their lackeys in the media. Many people who are skeptical are scared to stand up for fear of their jobs, their reputation, and the threats from their government of being arrested. Meanwhile our masked-up children suffer irreparable damages to their psyche and physical health as they watch the adults take a knee to the world elites and their patsies, the elected officials, and leaders. I am sorry, no, not sorry as this is no time to be politically correct nor partisan. I have people I call friends with that are in government but are not standing up for this province or this country and I do not know why. 18 Alberta Conservative MLAs formed a coalition, and people got excited. But all they did was write a “stern” letter expressing their displeasure with the lockdowns. I am not sure what is more disgusting, the fact that this is all they did and did it for their own political futures or the ones that just stayed put and cowered under their desks?

A passionate Canadian, Greg Wycliffe, put out one of the most powerful videos I have ever watched. (A few foul words) If this video doesn’t get your blood flowing then check your pulse because he is telling the truth and urging all of us to have courage. If it offends you, then time to take a gut check on what you stand for.

He asks/states regarding Canadian’s:

· What do you care about?

· What are you living for and wish to achieve?

· What do you stand for?

· Are you buying the narrative to the point you are willing to do NOTHING, all in the name of health and safety?

· Do you think for yourself or conform so you “fit in” with the “popular” media propaganda?

· How can you accept the masking of your children when children DO NOT get sick from this virus?

· When has censorship ever been done by the good guys? Never!

· Stop being apathetic and rolling over.

My friend said Saskatchewan isn’t great anymore and he is correct, yet we both know the potential this province has, and this country has. But we will lose it if we don’t stand up collectively and protect it. The United Nations and the World Economic Forum are licking their lips as they can taste their conquest .

It isn’t too late folks, but the timeline is approaching fast. Best we all start calling out the bovine methane spewing politicians and take our lives back before it is too late. This charade is not about your safety and well-being, it is about control!

“When the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people, you have liberty.” John Basil Barnhill

Yours in love of the enormous potential for Canada,



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