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Are Masks Doing a Service?

Canada’s plan to ban plastic straws and their cousins, the single use plastic by the end of 2021 is a feel-good idea that isn’t a major inconvenience for any of us and certainly not a crushing economic decision like the carbon tax. Even though 90% of the plastic that contaminates our oceans comes from just 10 rivers in Asia I believe all of us can accept that this isn’t that big of a deal for us as it doesn’t put hundreds of thousands Canadian’s out of work such has the intentional attack on our oil and gas sector by Trudeau and his cronies.

So, what are we going to do with these masks? We see them everywhere, on the street, by far the biggest source of pollution at this time. Why aren't we told to dispose of them in a bio-hazard bin? We are told masks will help stop the spread of what is the deadliest virus to ever come our way. Regardless that the dire predictions we were told last spring have proven to be absurd we still are told to act as if our very survival depended on it.

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada we have 1.1 million people and 219 people that died with the virus. We can all agree that one death is one too many but study after study continue to be published (I will be writing about this shortly) showing that for everyone person dying with the virus there are 5 to 10 people dying from suicide, drug overdoses and other diseases that go untreated like heart attacks, cancer, and strokes.

We have reports of children as young as 12 years calling 911 because they are suicidal as they have no life outside their home, no friends, no sports, no community, no exercise, no “fresh air” as they are masked up all day at school. Numerous are the stories of the elderly in care homes, or their own homes giving up hope as they lack community and their family. Is this how we, as a society, want to behave?

Here in Saskatchewan, we have been masked up and partially locked down for over 2 months and our death rates related to the virus have spiked. The attached study from Swiss Policy Research lays out 10 studies on the “ineffectiveness” of masks along with 5 studies on the “risks” of masks and 2 reports of children dying.

Read the report, look at the charts and be your own judge, I am not a scientist, I am just someone that cares a lot more about saving lives than being politically and socially incorrect. I even notice a few friends that I love and care for very much have unfriended me on social media ever since I started blogging but I am really tired of the politically correct hiding their true feelings by sticking their head in the sand. I get it, and I do sympathize, people are being fired or losing clients and friends for speaking their truth, check out the nurse in London, Ontario as but one example. As I explained yesterday in a Facebook post, we are losing all our freedoms that men and women died for. Its death of freedom from a thousand cuts and we sit like the frog in the pot waiting for it to happen.

I am especially concerned for our children and our elderly and those in poor health that have pre-existing conditions. 97% of people that have died in Alberta with the virus had one or more pre-exiting condition with high blood pressure being the number one threat. Average age of death in Alberta is 82 years old. We should be concentrating our resources on these people, and we can if we have the will as there are solutions that other nations have been using with much more success than masks and quarantining the healthy. More on that coming soon as well.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,



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