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Are the Children Being Bullied?

The Psychological War I spoke of briefly in my last blog has shown itself more clearly in just the past few days. The war started more than a year ago when the world was alerted that a killer virus was upon us with the ability to wipe out millions. In Saskatchewan alone it was estimated 3,000 to 8,000 deaths. It was enough to scare many people and rightfully so. Protocols were made on social distancing, told to wash our hands and walk only one way in a grocery store. And it was two weeks to flatten the curve and we are all in this together. We locked down everyone and pulled kids out of schools. It was the right thing to do, the Canadian way, be polite and cooperate.

But one day we woke up and we had lost a year later but we are much wiser. We are may still be compliant, but we now see through the thin veil that this is less about health and more about politics. In early November in Saskatchewan we were asked, no, we were told to, wear masks. Over the next two months our “cases” and deaths skyrocketed. It also happened to be the typical flu season, and this may have been just one of those coincidences, but for the first time in known history there was virtually no flu cases in Canada! WOW! Are we sure those over-cycled PCR tests (anything over 25 is worthless, we cycle at 35-40) that pick up any old virus weren’t picking up influenza cases? Honest question, does anyone have proof?

The Psychological war that has been waged on us has been propagated by our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dr. Tam and in Saskatchewan by Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe. The fear has been eagerly advertised by the mainstream media without a dissenting or challenging voice. When it comes to COVID you can’t tell Gormley from CBC. I guess you could say, “they are all in this together”.

All this fear mongering has resulted in many doctors starting to speak out. Dr. Kulvinder Kaur of Ontario’s Front-line doctors to state, “It isn’t the virus that is unprecedented, it is our response that is unprecedented”, and this “We don’t need governments to keep our children safe. We need to keep our children safe from governments”, in response to the horrendous child abuse that is happening across the country because of the protocols our Premiers and their “doctors” are telling people to do.

For those who are unaware, “Health” Directives across Canada tell parents to confine and isolate their children and prevent any interaction with their family for 10- 14 days. They are to be in their own bedroom, eat alone, have their own bathroom, and wear a mask when they go from the bedroom to the bathroom. I am not joking. A short while ago, before COVID this would-be grounds for a criminal charges and removal of the child by Social Services. Can we ask ourselves, “do we all agree this is a perverted idea and is destroying our young children?”

This is utter insanity. Parents must stand up for their children. Don’t allow the fear and manipulation from the government to override your own internal guidance system, your intuition which tells you the difference between right and wrong. Trudeau, Ford, Moe, Shahab, et all are not Gods. Far from it.

Read these statements:

I say this as I hear and read that parents that are following these guidelines. They have to have been emotionally ravaged by the fear because it makes no sense to actually follow through on such cruelty to their own kids. But they see Trudeau locking people up in quarantine hotels and their Premiers being silent, as their silence shows their support for such measures. People are afraid of being punished by Big Brother and it is understandable.

Children are being forced to wear masks for hours upon hours at school with no scientific study on the physiological or neurological damage this may cause going forward. They have been denied extra-curricular activities, spending time with friends, field trips, exercise and exposed to breathing in air from a toxic environment, their school, that is cleaned daily with chemicals that most wouldn’t dare use at home.

Mental illness in our youth was epidemic before these insane protocols but now it is the true pandemic, yet they are treated like collateral damage. The children’s help line saw a more than a 100% case in calls, from 1.9 million to over 4 million last year. Child suicides are on the rise and yet all we hear about is the number of COVID cases, which is an insult to our intelligence and a slap to the face of the kids. The government doesn’t appear to care, the media would rather report on COVID cases and children playing shinny while not social distancing than ask questions about children’s health. Does none of this seem odd to you or am I the one who is wrong?

A Pastor in Ontario had a powerful message this past Sunday that packed an enormous punch. I posted it on my personal Facebook page. He said, “We have self preservation at the expense of the weakest.” That statement, “self preservation at the expense of the weakest” is the success of psychological warfare. We see it and hear it in our communities everyday, people speaking about their own self-interests.

I believe Saskatchewan is full of the most wonderful people on Earth, and if we all take a step back, shut off all media and take a deep breath we can see the light for the darkness and the indoctrination for what it is. We can best the fear and move forward, we must, the young people and the elderly are counting on us. We all want the kids to be healthy, happy and free, especially of fear.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan.


ps: There is a couple of blogs I did on how to safely reopen with less deaths than we have. Check out An Open Letter and Nine Steps to Normal on


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