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Are we Witnessing the end of the USA?

So, there was an election south of the border almost 3 weeks ago that hasn’t been settled and I got to thinking that the book I read and posted about before the election in a whole new light.

You see I stumbled across a series of books written in the 1890's by Ingersoll Lockwood. The first two focus of the Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and his handler is named Donald yes, Donald! The last book he wrote was called “The Last President”.

Here is the quick take on the book.

A populist President is elected on a Tuesday November 3rd ,1896 and it is a shock! (think Trump 2016, he was given less than 5% odds of winning). The “common people” are happy (think Trump supporters) while the anarchists, socialists, academics, wealthy and powerful elites were not (think today's Democratic Party supporters).

The anarchists and socialists are so upset that they begin burning and looting (sounds like last summer) and then make their way towards a hotel on 5th Avenue in New York. This just happens to be where Little Baron Trump lived in previous books and where the current Trump Tower is today. The police were helpless, so they called in the National Guard who stopped them, the carnage was ugly.

Over the next 3.5 years the President passes many laws that were popular, and the economy did well until the last year of 1899 (kind of like 2019). He had the backing of both the House and the Senate and even had a member of his cabinet with the last name Pence.

But the elites weren’t happy as they had lost control. They were also facing higher taxes (see Big Tech, Big Media and Big Pharma who detest Trump). Additionally, the economy started to falter. The country is thrown into chaos with angry mobs increasing in size. The socialists and anarchists found sympathetic supporters and their numbers grew. Congress even accused the President of treason. (sounds familiar).

Fast forward to political divisions within Congress. There were those that put forth a Declaration of Dissolution which would see the union split into three separate sovereign nations. There was much discussion throughout November culminating in a joint meeting of the House and the Senate on December 31, 1899.

The Republicans stated that they could not support the bill and said that they would therefore leave the meeting. Then the President appears and tries to reason with the chamber to keep the union together but was shut down by the Speaker as he was out of order and not allowed to speak.

At midnight, a New Year was rung in when an explosion blew off the roof of the Capitol Building. No one was harmed and the President and the Republicans were escorted out of the Chamber while the Leader of the House (currently Nany Pelosi) moved the final act of passage. Just like that the USA no more.

And I quote from the last paragraph of the book, “….that shattered dome, glorious even in its ruins, a single human eye, filled with gleam of devilish joy,…..Is that the all seeing eye of God that is on the US dollar bill, referred to as the Eye of Providence?

It is quite fascinating, the synchronicities to this book written over 100 years ago and the state of the USA today. One thing, the author states is the President is a Democrat. Trump used to be a Democrat and was best friends with JFk jr.

One other oddity that I found is the Tweet Trump put out on June 21, 2019. I attached it here… Check it out. Get a twitter account and look at it. It is so strange.

Myself, I pray the USA can resolve their differences but they seem so apart. Stay tuned.


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