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Booster Shots For Life (revised edition)

Last Monday the media was in a frothy frenzy to announce that the FDA in the US, an organization that receives 75% of it’s funding from the pharmaceutical industry, approved the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, further to be called secret injection. What the unprincipled media conveniently forgot top say that the drug the that was approved is not available for use anywhere in the world.

The drug that was approved was a secret injection issued by Pfizer’s partner, the Bill Gates owned German company BioNTech. The name of the secret injection that was approved is called Comirnaty. Thus, all secret injections including the Pfizer jab , continue to be administered under the experimental the Emergency Use Authorizartion or EAU. “Emergency” is a huge stretch from the truth but that is not the intent of this blog.

MISINFORMATION runs rampant from those we are supposed to trust so don’t let them fool you. THEY are in it altogether. THEY being Pharma, Media and Government.

Meanwhile the number of injuries and deaths “reported” exceed the total number of all vaccine deaths over the past 30 years combined! And the deaths have only just begun.

However, to be fair, comparing this special injection should not be compared to a vaccine as there is no resemblance whatsoever between them and a vaccine we have grown familiar with. Latest statistics out of the USA, Europe and the UK show the reported deaths exceed 25,000 and over 1 million injuries with over 30% being serious and permanent. Additionally, long-term side effects such as the spike protein invading every organ with special damage done to the brain, heart and lungs where cellular damage cannot be replaced by the body has been found in autopsies.

The secret injections destroy natural immunity and therefore people will likely be reliant on semi annual booster shots which will continually feed the body more nanoparticles and for the rest of their lives.

Which brings up a few questions to the pro-inoculation folks:

  1. How do you feel about this inoculation, referred to as a vaccine, being the fastest approved vaccine in world history (normally take 7 to 10 years due to safety concerns and trials) and completed without animal trials, likely due to the fact that trials for mRNA inoculations date back to the 1990’s and they never reached humans until now because the animals kept dying, so they just skipped the animal trials this time?

  2. Why did the authorities shut down the Swine flu vaccine in 1976 after 25 deaths, (compared to 25,000 today) and yet THEY all keep pushing the jab.

  3. Why are there still 23 companies working on new covid treatments including new daily pills, inhalers, gummy bears and so on. Are they telling us that one will need covid treatment every 6 months for life?

4. Didn’t Trudeau just secure 35 million booster doses from Pfizer for 2022 and another 30 million doses for 2023 and yet another 40 million doses from Moderna for each year? Obviously for booster shots. Appears by the order that those inoculated will need at least 2 per year to keep the Vaccine Passports current.

I am reminded of radio show I happened to catch about a month ago. The conversation was surreal to say the least. I was listening to Saskatchewan radio host John Gormley interviewing Dr. Volker Gerdts, CEO and Director of Vido-intervac in Saskatoon. VIDO is in the process of Phase II trials in the development of another COVID-19 vaccine. My first thought was , “Why bother?” They are way behind the WARP speed miracle cures.

Gerdts stated that they were having trouble finding volunteers for the Phase II trials but the host saved the day with his prodding questions. The questions were likely rehearsed and planned as many of these shows are. The host Gormley acted confused as to how you might find volunteers with all the “anti-vaxxers’ (a derogatory term Gormley and other media use all the time to try and discredit discerning and intelligent individuals that aren’t normally against real vaccines, but prefer body autonomy over experimental cocktails that are currently using the jabs as a massive clinical trial).

Gerdt’s goes on to say the most shocking part of the interview, “that it doesn’t matter of you have had one or two shots you can still participate!” Well! I almost hit the brakes, and I did laugh out loud, in the car, by myself! I couldn’t help but think, how anyone listening to this could take these two characters seriously, let alone the dependability of such a tainted study. Gerdts did go on to explain some technical justifications that they can measure viral loads of participants and still run a successful trial. I suppose, but really, don’t you want a clean trial, unhindered by the mRNA champions, Pfizer, Moderna or the DNA clotter, AstraZeneca? But then again, safety of humans has never been a priority.

From the beginning of this charade the end goal has been the vaccine, even if they aren’t approved. There always have been safer, less expensive medications with long term historical timelines of 50 years or more which are inexpensive and efficient treatments. But they are banned in North America. Lives have been lost unnecessarily and that is revolting and criminal.

So why have we all been exposed to so much drama, fear, propaganda, and divisiveness by the medical, political and media community? Why are they all on the same page, never having a disagreement? Why is no one questioning why people are allowed to die while life saving medications are available but banned? Doesn’t that not give you the chills?

There are a multitude of extremely talented and published physicians that have come forth and warned us that everything is wrong about what is going on and that we are being lied to. Many of them suggest that this is the global genocide to depopulate the planet, something that Bill Gates has been touting for years, as well as to create a New World Order, totalitarian society, where we own nothing and are happy.

It is medical tyranny and we are allowing it to happen out of fear and apathy. Many of people I follow suggest these inoculations were created in a lab as a bio-weapon and the drama to promote and the inoculation along with booster shots accomplishes both of their goals; depopulation and a submissive society that is easily controlled.

I am obviously not an expert, so I rely on my research. Some of the doctors I follow, and I urge anyone that is interested in the truth to search out information.

Larry Pavelski, Christiane Northrup, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr, Lee Merritt, Pierre Kory, Peter Mccullough, Kulvinder Gill Kaur, Patrick Phillips, Ash Kaur, Stephen Malthouse, Dennis Modry, Roger Hodkinson, Mark Trozzi, Simone Gold, , Vincent Coleman, Harvey Risch, Geert vanden Bossche, Byram Bridle, Dr Michael Yeadon, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dennis Rancourt, Ben Tapper, Pam Popper, Judy Mikovits, Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, David Martin, Francis Christian, Bill Code, , Caroline Turek, Neda Amani, Dorle Kneifel, Martin Kulldorf, Ryan Cole, Don Stock

An then we have Martin Kulldorf, (Professor Harvard Medical School) and his list of doctors.

Physicians, @fogelsylvia, @ProfKarolSikora, @dockaurG, @drrajivb, @strauss_matt, @Agneswold, @skepticalzebra, @shvetaraju, @allysonpollock, @drhoenderkamo, @clarecraigpath, @michaelmantzmd, @helenteapot (Nurse),

Epidemiologists @sunetragupta, @shbaral, @carlheneghan. @selfharmres, @martymakary, @vprasadmdmph, @julialmarcus, @ballouxfrancois, @ludvigsson, @lourencojml, @andriuskava, @mgmgomes1, @wespegden

Here are a few sights to look up information:

One of tens of thousands of videos.

We live in a time where each of us must take personal responsibility for our health, for our freedoms and our human rights as divine and sovereign beings of this earth. Long gone are the days of trusting the medical community, the politicians, or the media. I encourage you to do your own research outside of the perpetual lies that three aforementioned groups have spewed the past 18 months so you are prepared for what might be ahead of us this fall and winter.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,



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