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Buckle Up! The Next Two Months Should Prove Exciting.

The new global catchphrase is “Build Back Better”.

Better than what isn’t clear, but is disconcerting.

In case you didn’t know, there are other things that are going on in the world than the pandemic. “Other Things” that will have a lasting impact on our lives, our children’s and our grandchildren’s, there is a lot at stake. And each one of the “Other Things” is important enough that they are a blog unto themselves which I look forward to publishing in the coming days and weeks. For now, here are some bullet points.


· Trudeau appears to have buried another scandal, the WE Charity, without any transparency

· Accepted the resignation of his finance minister

· Escaped a non-confidence vote with the acquiescence of the Federal NDP

· Canada is #1 in the G7 for debt. Once a Trudeau always a Trudeau.

· Appears itching to declare a national state of emergency with regards to COVID.

· He used the words, “Great Reset” in an address to the UN and then called it a “conspiracy theory” the next day. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up, everything is a conspiracy these days. Oh my, the ever eager to please and be relevant, Justin Trudeau, might have got scolded by his superiors and globalist bosses attending the Bloomberg New Economy Forum for being so reckless.

· The Great Reset is advocated by the World Economic Forum.

Global Economic Form

· Speaking of the Bloomberg Forum, check out the highlights here.

· The participants have dusted off the fear book on Climate Change, some stating we only have 8 or 10 years left.

· They speak of a “New Economy”. If we have a vaccine, why do we need something “new”. I like capitalism and democracy.

· They all gush over President-elect Biden

· China is especially excited

The President-elect

· Speaking of the media appointed President-elect he changed his Facebook profile twice since being anointed. Once from politician to President-elect and then last week back to politician. Hmmm…

· Why was/is the Hunter Biden story censored? I mean did he actually get a $50k per month job to sit on a board of a Ukranian energy company on his own accord? Did he type up and submit a resume and get selected even though he has no experience? Did they even know he was related to Joe Biden?

There is so much more regarding the Bidens and their international dealings that it makes one wonder whether Operation Mockingbird is alive and kicking.

The Media

· The mainstream media (MSM), Big Tech, Big Pharma and other elites are giddy about the new President.

· If you are looking for unbiased news try Newmax

· Trump has declared fraud and is pursuing numerous legal actions. Appears headed to the Supreme Court.

· Biden dominated the “dead people” vote but lost ground to Trump in the black and Latino communities.

· Trump got more votes than any sitting President and Biden got more votes than the popular Obama ever got. And Biden did so without campaigning.

The Trump accusations

· Over 300 affidavits were signed by ordinary citizens, whom, if they lied would face perjury charges, that they witnessed numerous voting irregularities including a late night run for fresh Biden ballots reported to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands.

· The Dominion Voting System (DVS) used in over 30 states is under scrutiny. So much so they lawyer-ed up in Pennsylvania.

· DVS suspiciously cleaned up and closed offices in Toronto and Denver in the past week.


· The pandemic continues to get most of the attention with cases rising everyday.

· Lockdowns have caused massive protests worldwide especially in Europe. Interestingly MSM doesn’t cover them just like they never covered the yellow vest movement in France a year ago over excessive carbon tax.

· Protests are starting in North America as well. California, under hypocritical Governor Newsom has become a dumpster fire and protests have started there.

Massive movement of businesses and people have been occurring out of California to Texas.


Saskatchewan will have a speech from the throne on November 30th. And as promised during the election, they will not lock-down the province. Small businesses cannot survive.


Oh, and a question for all of you. Where do the world Leaders get their talking points from? See attached meme. “BUILD BACK BETTER”. The tag line is everywhere, why?

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan



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