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Canadian Politicians are Repressed and Cannot Represent You!

What is the biggest problem we have in Canada right now? I know; the list is long. Justin Trudeau, corrupt federal Liberal Party, huge deficits, massive mental health and substance abuse problems, unemployment, bankruptcy, government scandals and the list goes on and on? And who is accountable? Your government caused this mess. This mess is showing its true colours more each day. The troubles mentioned above are because of political decisions from elected officials and their unelected bureaucrats who pose as medical experts.

Their decisions over the past 12 months defy explanation. These decisions go against everything that Canada once stood for, opportunity, freedom and liberty. They tricked us to succumb to tyrannical rule through fear, fear of a virus no more deadly than the annual flu. In their wake they left devastation that is far beyond any damage caused by this virus and will have a lasting impact on people and our dear children for years and years to come. Just the depression and suicides of children alone is enough to make you wonder how these "leaders" look themselves in the mirror.

It is especially infuriating when they suppressed life saving medications used the world over and completely ignored a document endorsed by over 55,000 epidemiologists and medical scientists from around the world called the Great Barrington Declaration. . To think, as politicians and lifelong bureaucrats, neither of whom are on the frontlines dealing with the sick, that “they know better” than 55,000 others, many of whom are on the frontlines, is gross negligence. Or, as Dr Dennis L. Modry put it, they display an amazing amount of cognitive dissonance.

So who do you go to? People say write to your MLA or MP or go see them. In a perfect world that would make sense, but our system is far from perfect. Our Canadian system does not lend to having true representation of the people, your local MLA or MP is muted. Muted by a system that gets him/her thrown out of his/her party and caucus and cancelled by the mainstream media. It is a completely useless system that we have to change.

In the US when you run for office you are free to say what you wish before and during and after the election. You do not answer to your party, you answer to your constituents, your conscience and, after weighing the main points, you answer with your judgement for the greater good of all. Think of that Canadian’s, an elected legislator able to speak for you the people, not rehearsed script that his/her party tells them to say! They are repressed from speaking their truth and allowed no expression or critical thinking of their own.

What we have is a political system where the elected party has a leader who has his/her inner circle that make all the decisions. And because of our system, with an ineffective and useless Senate they run as a dictatorship for up to 5 years. The leader is called the Premier in provincial politics, equivalent to a Governor in the US. These Premiers have their advisers that are paid and unelected and generally three or four elected cabinet ministers that make all the decisions.

When it comes time to vote on bills the party has a whip who is charged with ensuring party discipline among members of the caucus. You read that correct, “party discipline.” Is it any wonder successful entrepreneurs or business leaders don’t enter politics, independent thinkers don't fit into a system where their ideas and opinions aren’t heard in public.

So, if you are wondering who to go to right now to have your voice heard you can go to your MLA or MP and you should, regularly if you have time, but they have little power other than to pacify you.

In a perfect world again, we would elect our premier and PM independently in a vote and then vote for our representative. In a perfect world our representative would then be allowed independent thought in voting on bills and also speaking in public about his/her own thoughts. But that is unlikely to happen anytime soon as it would mean busting up Canada as we know it and forming a new federation or republic. The USA is a republic and is not perfect by any means. They have rampant corruption in Congress as their system is rife with lobbyists filling the pockets of the politicians in exchange for favours. But as mentioned, at least they are allowed to vote with their own conscience and talk to the media without being disciplined as if they are a child. I envision a political party that operates within the system we have now, that works to change the system we have, but in the meantime acts of free will. A party that ignores the catcalls, cancellation and censoring of the media and allows the free will of the representatives to properly represent the people.

Because right now, you have no representation. They aren’t bad people, and many are quite helpful in getting you through for personal reasons to various departments of government and such. But when it comes to them being allowed to have independent thought on matters that may make substantial difference on policy, or to be able to speak freely when asked a question or vote against something they don't like, they are gagged.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to actually know the person you are electing instead of some robot with talking points provided by their bosses?

This past 12 months has shown the flaws of no representation. I cannot for the life of me believe that only 4 or 5 of the 11,000 or so elected representatives in Canada they all agree that every protocol and handling of the lockdowns. But, the 4 or 5 that spoke out were booted from their party and now sit as independents. What a sad state of affairs that is!

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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