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Civil Rights Movement redux

Back in the late 1960’s and early ‘70’s I was a young child but old enough to remember watching the late-night news with my Mom and Dad. The news came on at 11pm, a black and white tv replaced in 1969 by a brand new 19” Admiral colour tv. I was allowed to watch the news on nights I couldn't go to sleep, which was pretty much every night. :)

The late 60’s and early 70’s was a time of much unrest in the USA. There were hippies smoking weed and making love and dissing the establishment. Many of them were also heavily involved in the civil rights and the anti-war movement as they saw young men, many of them as young as 18 being carried off in body bags fighting a war that made no sense except to the Military Industrial Complex that Dwight Eisenhower had warned about. It was also a time of Martin Luther King and the fight to end segregation.

Being a farmer on the prairies made us the Canadian version of “Okie from Muskogee’s." Middle class Conservatives with traditional values. I recall my Dad being quite upset with, “those damned hippies” when it all started. But as time went by I saw him shift. I cannot recall timelines but as an impressionable young man who worshipped his father and watched his every move I witnessed his emotions. First quietly before it picked up steam. I am not sure if it was the militant Black Panthers being attacked by the police or the Kent State massacre, likely a combination, that turned him, but I noticed, I saw, I watched and I became much like him.

My Dad passed on Sept 5th, 2020 and I wish he was alive today to walk with me this Saturday, March 20, 2021 in Saskatoon at the Vimy Memorial starting at 2:00pm.

My Dad saw it, right from the start, back in March last year when our so-called medical expert Dr. Saqib Shahab and our once respected Premier, Scott Moe announced that 3,000 to 8,000 people would die in Saskatchewan from a killer virus. Call it old fashioned farm values that demands a critical thinking brain and dose of common sense that you get from your internal guidance system but Mom and him, like myself just shook our heads at their suggestions. Honestly! There was nothing so absurd as what they were saying. But, we obeyed their mandates as we do today, but how much longer?

Dad was the most social person I will ever know, he loved people. But his last 6 months were the most miserable 6 months of his life. His illness was growing worse, but he could live with the pain, what he couldn’t live with was the illogical “rules to obey” set out by geniuses in Regina. He missed people so much. Even at age 88 he had a ton of friends and always enjoyed "a shot in the arm" and share stories. He missed the family get togethers. He was miserable, bored and sad. Those are emotions that certainly don’t prolong your life.

I tell this story as it is reflective of the collateral damage these lockdowns have had on people across this country, many a lot worse than him. I also tell it as Dad was not going to cower in his condo over, some “god-damned flu virus.” He knew there was injustices being done the same as the hippies did in the 60’s. He never trusted Trudeau and he was shocked and saddened to see Saskatchewan following his orders. A dearth of leadership has never been more evident.

The similarities between the civil rights movement and today’s totalitarian lockdowns are as clear as the nose on your face. First off you have a war, a war created by governments. The US never needed to be in Vietnam, so many innocent people died. Today, many innocent people die that should never have been locked down. Back in the 60’s the media did the government bidding telling everyone how dreadful and irrational the protesters were and covered up police beatings. The Trial of the Chicago Seven on Netflix is a decent movie to show the mood, the control, the corruption and the narrative of the day.

The cure was similar as well. Stifle opposition so as to keep the status quo and not lose face.

Today, the media is doing the bidding again. A September 30th Gallup poll in the US shows only 30% of the population trust the mainstream media. So people turn to social media where they are met with Censorship on a the grandest scale. The cure is the needle, it is the only way we get our divine human rights back. They have big time celebrities (rip Hank Aaron who died from the needle, selling the needle to black American’s) down to local radio personalities pumping the tires for the cure to freedom. And of course, the new schtick is to call anyone that doesn’t trust government a conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer or some other insult to try and defame and suppress the voice. Quote: “Dismissing an argument or concern as a “conspiracy theory” is often a tactic used to silence the inquirer.”- Leslyn Lewis

There is no voice for millions of people that have concerns for what is going on in the world.

We have strayed so far from the farm where the common-sense brain is developed. We are also far removed from a war like Vietnam or WWII. We are a society where we want a pill to fix us rather than taking responsibility for our health.

Folks, people are dying, children are suffering and we the people are being held hostage in “our” own country. We are being told the biggest lie we have ever been told and the cure is even more deadly. We need to stick together and try our best to wake others up.

I am urging everyone to come out for a peaceful protest and hear some amazing speakers. We need solidarity. We need to show that we won't stand for being oppressed and deserve to live and be free. The freedom that many young men died for in two World Wars.

While we march peacefully we need to be aware and alert, not afraid but alert for people that wish to discredit the cause. It should not surprise anyone if they try to create chaos or even incite a riot to frame us as radicals and thugs when we are just everyday people that won’t take it any longer.

This is going to be a fun day with like minded people. This will be my first time attending a protest rally, it would have been my Dad's as well. I know he would have enjoyed it and would have loved to meet you as much as i am looking forward to meeting you.

Maybe we can do as the prophet Isaiah and help our friends and neighbours and fellow county folk open themselves up for a different view before they get the Jab. Isaiah 32:3 “Then everyone who has eyes will be able to see the truth, and everyone who has ears will be able to hear it.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,



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