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Do We Fight for Freedom or Take a Chance on Communism?

The current love affair between the media and Shahab and Moe might only be trumped by Moe and Shahab’s love affair with everything Trudeau and Tam. Never in my life would I have thought the softballs tossed in both instances would be so ridiculously transparent. We’ve come to expect it for five years with the unethical, blackface and scandalous Justin Trudeau but never before in Saskatchewan, regardless of which party has been in power. This folks, is not such a different relationship that China or Russia have with their press, and that had best concern you!

One must understand that the Sask Party was formed by four Liberals and four Conservatives in 1997 so to see the dramatic shift from Brad Wall’s predominant Conservative style to Moe’s predominant Liberal inclinations wouldn’t come as much of a surprise had he not put himself out as a Conservative for this long. He even graced the cover of Maclean’s magazine with Ford, Scheer, Kenney and Pallister posing as the expected Conservative Resistance to Trudeau’s dismantling of Canada. Capitulation might have been a more appropriate word.

Under Moe the Province has paid lip service against the economic crippling carbon tax and has not had an original thought on an alternative. Even the left leaning Pallister in Manitoba struck a better deal for his fellow Buffalonians, and being 6’8” Pallister casts a mean show when he leans. We saw nothing more than a tersely worded letter regarding the Keystone Pipeline cancellation and crickets on our annual contribution of $600 million to equalization. By the way Quebec pockets in excess of $13 billion for the third year in a row and pays about 25% of the tax on co2 that Saskatchewan people do. It has been an amazing shift away from Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan. One of autonomous thinking, personal accountability, and self-determination as a Province.

As Trudeau and his henchmen quarantine Canadian travellers against their will, we’ve witnessed nary a word of worry from our Premier Moe. His pal in Alberta sat on his couch one Sunday night and sent some tweets, YUP, “that’ll rattle ’em Jason.” So, what is going on? Why the absolute capitulation? Where is the debate on COVID protocols as this appears to be the only order of business any government has undertaken for 12 months? (I literally laughed as I was typing that as it is so outrageous).

The press, well, they have become all too predictable. The mainstream media (MSM) is Liberal biased, in Canada and the USA, that is not even hidden any longer. And outside of MSM you have entities that do their best in a world censored by Big Tech who have been cancelling and deleting Conservative voices for months now.

Last blog I wrote about the erosion of our rights and freedoms and how far removed we have become from what is staring us in the face and that is the very real fact that if we don’t do something soon, we will be living in a dystopian world like we never would have imagined. I asked then and I ask now, is this what you want for your kids and grand-kids? Is this the legacy we leave them with? If not, then we need t to stand up for them now, before it’s too late.

But people are afraid, people are mixed up, people cannot accept what is happening, it is too big to imagine, to hard to understand how strangely our Provincial government is acting. I mean Justin Trudeau, hell ya he is an evil narcissist that would sell his mother for a nickel if his globalist superiors told him to. But Scott Moe and Dr. Shahab? If not then explain their actions, or should I say, lack thereof, on suppressing proven life saving treatments and instead, while people die and our economy suffers, promote an experimental vaccine.

This virus is real, but it has not come as advertised and we cannot live in fear our entire lives. The virus will be with us for eternity and no experimental vaccine is going to save us. The virus is not much different than a bad flu season and the death tolls would be much less if the government and health officials would utilize life saving supplements and existing pharmaceuticals. They knowingly are denying the use while dozens and dozens of countries around the world with much less resources than us protect their citizens better.

A call to action is needed, and I am not sure what the spark will finally be before we the people start pushing back. Maybe it will take a loved one being hauled away to an unknown detention center. Ah, conspiracy theorist, oh wait, that is happening. And what have our leaders said or done about this, nothing. What have we the people done, nothing? I’ve read online; “those people deserve it”, “they might have the COVID”, “they never should have travelled” and “never got the proper test.” Nope, that didn’t do it, so maybe anal swabs? Are we so compliant we will bend over or will it take 4 police officers to get the sample? Can’t happen. Or can it?

Many have said this is a test to see how far they can push us, how far we have come into being submissive for a submissive crowd is easy to control. Who would have thought just two years ago that we’d willingly accept the quarantining of healthy people and the masking of two-year-olds?

Bill Gates is already planning for the next pandemic; he knows it’s coming and because he cares so much for humanity he’s already preparing. Event 201 will turn into Event 301, or will he call it 202, so much to look forward to, maybe they will make a Netflix series on it to keep us in this zombie state while we accept their lock downs, and afraid, very afraid of the virus. Here is a link to Event 201 in case you want to seek an invitation to the next dress rehearsal. By the way, so lucky for us, Event 201 happened in October 2019 just before the COVID came along, what a fortunate coincidence and look how well the planning worked for all of them, um, err, I mean, all of us, of course, all of us because that is who they are protecting, right.

The event was hosted by the “benevolent” Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum (WEF). Ahhh, so sweet to see globalist pals like Humanitarian Bill and globalist leader, Klaus Schwab founder of the WEF and literally wrote the book on The Great Reset, called The Fourth Industrial Revolution, hanging out for the betterment of humanity. . Think about it. They had a world leader in healthcare along with the financial globalist leader and all tied together with world’s most famous “humanitarian”, technology billionaire and self anointed vaccine expert. So you had an event ran by Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Finance, all with “our interests at heart”, what cold possibly go wrong? Not sure about you but it hardly excites me to leave my family’s life in these peoples hands. It doesn’t make me want to grab my biggest blankie and binge on Netflix for the next month believing everything will turn out fine.

What would really help to push back is some of our elected officials who are ashamed of looking themselves in the mirror in the morning, while sitting on their hands with a muzzle over their mouth to take a stand like others have around the country. Drew Barnes and Angela Pitt, two Alberta Conservative MLAs recently challenged their Premier and their governments COVID-19 policies and joined others including Ontario Conservative MPP Roman Baber to join a national caucus called the End the Lockdowns National Caucus. To his credit, Alberta Premier Kenney stood behind his caucus members to “speak their minds.” It is refreshing to see they took a stand for their constituents, we need to see more of this courage.

The honeymoon is over, it has been almost a year since we were told, “two weeks to flatten the curve”. We can’t wait for the leaders to move this along. They have no plan, no end game except to jab us in the arm which might prove to be more dangerous than the virus itself.

People find it hard to accept that Shahab and Moe are suppressing information from us. It is hard to believe that if we don’t act soon, that the next pandemic, which the phony humanitarian Bill Gates already says is coming within two years, may find us in full blown globalist dictatorship, a world from which we can’t escape. And by then, it will be too late to take a stand!

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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