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Dr. Frankenstein Would Be Proud

ASTRAZENECA (AZ) vexxxeeene knows how old you are and where you live. I cannot confirm that for truth, but it has tricked everyone, and is proving to have an ever evolving mastermind. Dr.Frankenstein would be proud.

I realize that on March 18th , Big Pharma, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, (NACI) and the media announced that AstraZeneca is safe for Canadians even though 26 countries had suspended its use due to deaths and blood clotting.

Yesterday it was announced in Canada by the NACI that they are not recommending AZ for people under 55. This comes on the heels of their announcement March 1st stating it was not recommended for people over 65. Confused yet? Wait, there is more. The NACI changed there minds again March 18th, saying all clear, get those arms jabbed quick. Sask Health proudly puts out a promotional notice.

What is most interesting is how smart, adaptable, and deceptive this vexxxeeene is. Bill Gates mentioned these were like supercomputers and some of us dared doubt him. Evidently, it is smart enough to target certain countries but has mutated to knowing hold old you are and which province you live in. Bill will have a fix for “the virus in the vexxxeeene” just like he cures viruses on the computers he sells you. Bill is a God like man that knows all, we are safe, but keep wearing two masks.

Due to the genius of the mutating vexxxeeene no one can confirm if the vexxxeeene is able to know whether you have celebrated your 55th birthday yet or what age group it will do tackle next. With three variants of itself this past month it is obviously mutating at a rapid pace, developing more stealth like abilities on the demographic it wishes to reside in. (sarcasm from a disillusioned cynic) Funny I felt I had to put that disclaimer, explains a lot.

And then we have Moderna.

You might be interested to know that they are in a joint-partnership with a US federal department called the National Institutes for Health (NIH). They signed the agreement in December 2019. Just a coincidence.

Get this:

· The NIH is in charge of approving vexxxeeenes.

· A vexxxeeene cannot be approved if there is an available treatment.

· The NIH intentionally blocked life saving treatments that are inexpensive and safe and work on COVID-19 better than a vexxxeeene. The treatments are namely ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

· Conflict of interest?

· Is there blood on their hands?

· Are we still trusting authority?

Need more? OK. There is more.

Moderna has never produced one drug in it’s entire existence let alone an experimental vexxxeeene that has been unleashed on the world without completing testing or FDA approval.

Do Gates and Fauci have ties to Moderna? Read these two attachments. Of course, they do but the MSM tried to cover it up. and this

And, There is more.

Pfizer BioNTech

This partnership is interesting. Bill Gates owns a lot of Pfizer shares, but he decided to make his first ever investment into a company named BioNTech in September 2019. Shortly after that, in March 2020, BioNTech, who have been in existence since 2008,and like Moderna, have never had one single drug approved, announced a partnership with Pfizer to create a vexxxeeene for Covid.

Sheer luck for Gates that these two companies partnered up only a few months after his investment. BioNTech was a truly abysmal failure of a company. What a fortunate break for Gates that the coronavirus came along shortly after his investment into this. As this article points out, Gates was investing for other reasons as he never knew about the virus.

How could know of the pending virus would appear mere months after he invested into the obscure company. Regardless of Event 201 held October 2019, that Gates organized along with the WEF and John Hopkins is just another one of those coincidences, like so much of Bill’s life. Just a really lucky guy.

And of course, we have heard that Canadian’s that already took the first jab of the Pfizer drug are going to wait up to 4 months for their second dose even though the company has clearly restated that the dose needs to be administered within 3 weeks to be effective.

Vexxxeeenes (as described by Dr. Ryan Cole, Cole Diagnostics, his words)

· This is the largest mass human experiment ever conducted. We are the Phase III trials.

· Inserting an mRNA into a human is a medical device which does not fall under the normal definition of a vexxxeeene.

· This is an experimental, biological, gene therapy immune modular injection. It is an injection of a synthetic sequence of nucleic acid.

· Tests on animals showed that 6-12 months after their vexxxeeene the animals developed various cancers, auto immune disorders and other diseases.

· When they tested this technology for the previous SARS and exposed the animals to a new virus down the road all of the animals died from a Cytokine storm because the immune system went wild.

· No tests or data were reviewed by any independent observer groups.

· They don’t know if it makes you immune

· They don’t know if you can spread it after the jab

· Vaccine not approved by the FDA or Health Canada, which are scientists. Instead, they are all approved by politicians such as Trudeau, Trump, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, and all the other trustworthy leaders of the world.

· They intentionally create scarcity of the vexxxeeene to make people want something they cannot have.

· They create fear and tell people they cannot travel if they don’t get the vexxxeeene.

· They create promotional videos at the taxpayer expense

· Pay trolls on social media to tell everyone how great it is.

Imagine, disease so dangerous you must promote people to get a jab, so I have a better promotional idea. Have all the publicly paid legislators, bureaucrats and their entire families get the injection first. Injected by skeptics to make sure they do not just get a placebo.

Yours in love of the great province we call Saskatchewan



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