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For the Love of the Family, Stand Up!

It is Family Day weekend so what a better time to remind everyone that the only reason I do this research and stir the pot is for my children and their children. Canada, and the world for that matter is at a crossroads and the future under the rule of the Macron’s, Trudeau’s, Biden’s and other globalists is not a world I want see my children grow up in. If my generation does not do something, then we leave it for the kids and how is that fair. By then it could be to a point of no return, “the train has left the track” as one of my friends put it the other day. How can we look in the mirror each morning knowing what’s coming and sit back and watch the world elites from the World Economic Forum use this virus as a means to an end to deploy their Great Reset where the video starts with, “You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy.”

Is this what we want for your families, own nothing and be happy? It seems many are comfortable with the idea, I even see people that consider themselves well-read to believe a world without borders run by the New World Order that George Bush Sr., and every President after him except Trump, talked about many times, would be fine. But then again, so did the academics in Venezuala. The Open Letter evolved from two months of research and is my initial contribution at striving to, at the very least, wake people from Saskatchewan up from a comfortable slumber. We need to stand together for our little chunk of land and not allow it to be gobbled up as just another colony of the United Nations.

Since the publication and email of the Open Letter to the Premier, Dr. Shahab and all MLAs from the Coalition for a Commonsense Approach to CIOVID-19 on January 27th we have not heard back from a single member of the legislator. This is not surprising but still disappointing and is disappointing for the 98 people that signed it as well. For those of you wondering we are building a website, Facebook page, donation receptacle and a petition. We will also be doing a press release, arrangements pending until we get the structure built.

Much to our surprise and gratitude the letter has received over 10,000 views across Canada and parts of the US. For every hater I have received 10 supporters. The supporters all have a similar message and that is they are thrilled that the letter finally speaks some commonsense and resonates with what they believe in. They are all independent thinkers, and some have said their parents raised them to be that way, to be born skeptics and reach their own conclusions as opposed to the news they get fed. Which brings me to the haters. They seem to carry an eerie similarity and generally fit into one of two demographics. One is the “over 60 males” who have been triggered for some reason and they attack with emotions and words I have not witnessed since I was 10 years old on a playground, but with less facts and rationale than the school yard debates. The other is the middle-aged female that reacts with similar emotional tones but at least are brave enough to engage online. A healthy debate is encouraged but bring facts to the table.

We continue to speak and commiserate with medical professionals from across Canada and the US about the protocols and are grateful for their time. There are so many of them that share our views but cannot go public for fear of being shamed or even losing their positions or licenses.

It isn’t just doctors; everyday Canadians are afraid to speak out. I’m unsure of how many people I have spoken with that are scared of losing a friend or being fired from their jobs. This is what has become of us and we cannot blame just the government for our situation, we have allowed it. We have become so self-censored, conditioned and overly reliant on government that we have given away our individual power. I don't think we even know what it is. We have become so far removed from the farm where being responsible for ones self is a necessity for survival we seem to have forgotten the abilities within us as divine and sovereign beings. Well guess what, the governments you see in power across this land right now are not looking after your best interests. Not only are they suppressing medical treatments they are funnelling billions of dollars to foreign entities they cannot even account for while our First Nations go without potable water. They are allowing the backbone of our society, the small business owner to be gutted while the wealthy report record profits. The collateral damage caused by these measures is deplorable.

Think about it, citizens scared of their own government! In Canada?

People, please remember, “the government” is employed by us, and they must listen to us. They can’t hide forever.

We need to start asking questions, the media sure isn’t. I’ve never witnessed such a love fest as the past 11 months between government officials and the press. What happened to the investigative reporter holding the governments feet to the fire? Let us be the media and ask Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shahab, Premier Scott Moe and Health Minister Paul Merriman some questions, in honour of our families:

1. Can you explain why numerous studies show that most Canadian’s are deficient in Vitamin D and thus makes them more susceptible to any virus, yet all you have never spoke of this or recommended it? Dr. Lee Merritt states that a Vit. D level of 30 reduces hospitalizations by 96%!

2. When recommending preventive measures why don’t you suggest a healthy immune system is crucial and explain what steps people can take on their own to stay healthy?

3. Why have you never spoke of the efficacy of existing and safe sixty-year-old medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine along with other off brand antivirals, antibiotics and steroids that is saving lives the world over? Why aren’t we demanding their use?

4. Will you be mandating two masks for the province according to the science from the CDC?

5. Do you agree with quarantining Canadian’s against their will upon returning from travel? What are you doing about it?

6. Why is the death rate so high in care homes? Why hasn’t prophylaxis medications and supplements been implemented to stop suffering and deaths?

7. If masks work, why do we need to be six feet apart?

8. If masks leak and we are six feet apart, but the virus still escapes why not a saliva test instead of a six-inch Q-Tip shoved to the back of your nasal cavity?

9. What is the truth on the PCR tests? We want data not your opinion.

10. Why advertise for people to get tested?

11. Why suppress the economy by full or partial lockdowns when herd immunity through the healthy can be reached and the sick be treated with proven medications?

12. Why are we using Pfizer and Moderna vaccines when they are banned in China and India?

13. Do you believe the vaccine is safe for immune compromised people?

14. What about the suggestion of neurological problems for children from long term use of the masks is far worse than them actually contracting the virus ?

15. What about emotional and mental health of the youth being deprived of normal activities when children are not in danger? Where is the science behind that, not your opinion?

16. Lastly, when is our government and our caucus going to hold virtual town hall meetings so the people that you work for can ask these questions and others? We have questions and expect answers.

Our families deserve your attention, and it is your responsibility to make yourselves available.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,

Daryl Cooper


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