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Great leaders - what makes them "great" and what sets them apart?

Saskatchewan people have spawned, or been a major contributor to many grassroots populist parties since we joined Confederation in 1905.

The Progressive Party - 1920's, the CCF (current NDP) - 1930's, Western Canada Concept -1980's, Reform Party -1990's and today the Buffalo, Maverick and WEXIT Parties. All of them have a common theme, frustration with our treatment from Ottawa and Central Canada and our rightful place in Confederation.

I have lived in this Province my entire 59 years. My personal values have been shaped by numerous experiences and many people. But five leaders stand out and they stand out because of their courage and their creativity that trumped all politicking.

In no particular order they are John Diefenbaker, Tommy Douglas, Preston Manning, Brad Wall and Roy Romanow. (and I am watching closely) a newcomer, Leslyn Lewis. I will follow up with a few blogs to clarify why I singled out these five men and one woman.

I took a punch to the gut in early October 2020 that set me back on my heels. It hit me hard but we have a choice, to stay down or get back in the saddle, and I am back.

I hope you enjoy my blog page as I share my views on politics and a wide variety of other topics.

Yours in love of this great Province we call home, Saskatchewan.

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