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Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

Hippocratic Oath:

I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgement, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.”

These are challenging times for political leaders and medical professionals. Balancing the wishes of a society that is split on so many issues surrounding the COVID 19 virus demands knowledge and conviction. It is in times like these that leaders need to be bold. I applaud their valour and sympathize with their roles. Times like these shows true character.

It is therefore critical for them to give clear and concise protocols for everyone to follow. To date there has been lock-downs, partial shutdowns, mandatory masks, restriction on gatherings, shutting down schools physical distancing, keep your house clean, wash your hands and once we get vaccinated everything should be back to normal.

And for the most part Saskatchewan residents have been quite compliant. We have all pitched in while keeping our businesses open. Yes, we must protect the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable need to take personal responsibility and use common sense to be extra vigilant themselves. But for goodness sakes, let’s not allow ourselves to live our lives in fear. Anyone that supports fear-based living, where small businesses are being destroyed and children's lives are being so heavily compromised and influenced needs to stop and take a breath! If you live in fear, fine, but don’t drag the rest of us down with you, it serves no purpose. If you stay trapped in that world you will be suffocating with it.

It goes without saying fear causes anxiety which leads to physical and mental health issues. Some excellent advice in this clip from my favourite psychiatrist, Dr. Bob Newhart might go a long way in helping people lighten up.

We can count on the media to bring the fear so might it help if the politicians and medical professionals countered the rhetoric by reminding people there are ways to reduce the fear and keep yourself healthy at the same time? No one is saying fear isn’t real, how you deal with it is.

A healthy lifestyle is a start and the best way to boost your immune system to fight off any virus. Numerous medical professionals have suggested that for COVID 19 taking vitamin D3, vitamin C, turmeric and zinc along with a healthy diet and daily exercise can have an incredible positive affect. Going for a walk in the sunshine and breath in Mother Nature's fresh air, without a mask, is not only good for your physical health but it improves your mental and spiritual health as well. Physical exercise is an important part of mental and psychological well-being.

And here are a few questions.

1. What happened to the antibody tests? They are approved by Health Canada and a quick search shows that they now are and are available in Ontario and Quebec and on a limited basis in British Columbia. According to the information on the British Columbia website the tests are quite accurate. .

If someone tests positive for the antibody, does that not give them the same immunity as a vaccine? If not, why is it called an antibody?

2. There has been a ton of controversy over the use of hydroxychloroquine. The controversy is political. Thousands of medical professionals say it is safer than than aspirin or tylenol and when used properly could reduce the mortality rate of those over 50 years old by 50%. Why have China, India and Japan, among other countries, been using anti-viral medications like hydroxychloroquine in combination with zinc, a steroid and an antibiotic for “Early Home (outpatient) Treatment since the pandemic started, but we in North America have not been?”

Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University, and Dr. George Fareed, Medical Director at Pioneers Medical Center have been pushing for months for permission to use these treatments they claim will “cut mortality in half.” (That is a quote from Dr. Harvey Risch). They finally got an audience with the US Senate on November 19th. Their hope is that they will get approval soon and save the medical community a lot of money but more importantly, save lives lost unnecessarily for political reasons.

We have a small fraction of our Province wanting to lock-down everything. Very few of these people have a vested financial interest so we can forgive them for their demands. Lock-downs have mental and physical health consequences which have been well documented. And the financial impact of our economic system relies on the health of small businesses. There must be a balance.

Bottom line is, to get to the finish line shouldn’t we use all the resources available?

Why have North American regulators not promptly approved treatments that, “do no harm”? Hundreds if not thousands of respected medical experts like the men mentioned above, and groups like Dr. Simone Gold and the front line doctors , have been wanting to help people stay alive using protocols approved in other countries, but have been continuously mocked and censored by the media as quacks.

It’s not what is true it is what people think, perception is reality, and our reality is influenced by the media. Government officials need to have the courage to change that and use all resources available to reduce the fear, keep people healthy, boost their spirits and save lives.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan.



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