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If you had to choose Contentment over Freedom, what would your answer be?

We are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

The COVID pandemic has now bumped the Green movement to second place in the great transfer of wealth from the common person to the elites. And both movements have happened with extraordinarily little resistance and almost complete conformity.

How has it been accomplished? One word, FEAR! I remember having to deal with the issue of Global Warming on a personal level when it was first presented. I struggled with it as I was taught in school that we were heading for a great ice age but living in Saskatchewan in the late ‘80’s and early to mid ‘90’s made you believe something was up. Those were some of the hottest years on record and our crops were terrible. I also had 5 young children and I wanted to make decisions that were right for them so I did a lot of research and formed my own conclusions, that co2 has some impact but the sun, Grand Solar Minimums and Maximums, play a very large role as well.

I have done the same research with regards to the current pandemic. That has meant going outside of Main Stream Media (MSM) and gain as much information as possible as I did with Global Warming.

In both cases, FEAR has been the motivational vehicle to get us common folk to submissively hand over our paltry wealth to the elites. Today we can read that 50% of small businesses in North America and Europe will not survive the next six months while big business such as Amazon and Big Tech (Microsoft, Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple) chalk up massive record profits. Massive wealth transfer!

The vehicle for spreading fear is the MSM. If you have the basic cable package the news you get is from CBC, CTV, Global and the USA based CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC and everyone one of these stations parrot the same messages. All of the networks have become compliant and biased because they are all owned, funded and controlled by the same oligarchs that want control.

The Green movement told us we needed to pay a carbon tax to solve the problems, but it hasn’t aged well. Both the Arctic and Antarctica are reporting larger ice caps as the sun sits stubbornly in a Grand Solar Minimum. So, the virus is the new opportunity, for they, the elites, to openly state, that now is the “opportunity” for a Great Reset. Opportunity for who I ask? But as Winston Churchill said, “why let a good crisis go to waste? “

How did we get to a point where we are so easily controlled? It all starts with the education system which has been teaching our kids in university the virtues of socialism and communism while slagging capitalism. (Watch the Jeremy Elliott the clip below) It then is handed off to the MSM to do the same. Have you not noticed how they despise Conservatives on all these channels? The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) vowed to defund CBC News in the last election. The CBC still have a court case against the CPC that started amid that election.

But even the pandemic hasn’t been enough to quell a vast swath of people. Yes, the green movement and the sensationalism of the pandemic have been embraced by the elites, the movie stars and the academics. They are censoring, through MSM and social media, everyone and anything that offer alternative solutions, including the doxing of academics and medical professionals like Dr. Simone Gold.

There is a large group that believe that the Great Reset and Agenda’s 21/2030 were derailed by Trump. He wasn’t supposed to win in 2016, or was he? Trump has been anything but a globalist. He promoted nationalism and as a President did a remarkable job with the economy and is loved by the common people. There are many that hope that he will win so as to upset the globalist movement that I speak of in this blog. The first Bush President, George H, spoke of the New World Order as have many others. (Watch the Jeremy Elliott the clip I attach if you want to expand your knowledge of this further.)

But what if Trump is all part of the big agenda? You see, many of Trump's followers are people of faith and people of faith are the most difficult to control. When you believe in a higher power, earthly men and women have trouble selling something when intuitively, it feels wrong. It is why Communist countries ban religion and round up their followers and punish them, or worse, exterminate them. The people of faith are namely those of the three Abrahamic religions; Muslim, Jewish and Christian in addition to those that identify with New Age. I shouldn’t exclude folks that are agnostic, atheist, Hindu and others that are in this camp as well. And while their beliefs may differ, their values don’t. Their values/goals are personal liberty and freedom of choice.

Trump being part of the big plan does fit very nicely with the UN date of 2021 to begin rolling this out as inauguration date for the cognitively failing Joe Biden is January 20, 2021. And Biden, like Trudeau, Macron and Merkel are all onside and as excited as the Chinese are about this Great Reset, they all signed on.

Jeremy Elliott explains it well through his YouTube channel, The ICONIC Podcast.

So, if Trump isn’t going to stop this, then what? Faith folks, it is purely faith. Faith and personal power to stand up for what you believe in. Conformity only lasts so long until there is a revolution and the revolutions have been large and strong across Europe for the past month.

Maybe it will take Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna,the Buddha and others, coming down from heaven holding hands to bring sanity back to our planet, because right now there is so much unrest and so much fear and so much propaganda helping create more fear and unrest.

This isn’t about Conservative versus Liberal or Republican vs Democrat. It’s a choice and the choice is, Contentment or Freedom. Contentment being the Chinese Social Credit System; Freedom is Democracy with capitalism. What do you choose?

Keep praying folks and stay calm, it is all going to work out just fine. So buckle up, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

In love of this great province we call Saskatchewan



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