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Incoming Global Financial Tsunami

Time to get on the Ark

I have spilled a lot of ink the past 9 months about the state of the world economy, and I have communicated my opinion openly and without hesitation on what I believe is to come and shared solutions and preparations that can be taken to survive the flood and preserve your wealth, and even prosper.

People like me are definitely the minority and we might feel a bit like Noah must’ve felt while building the ark. He was not taken seriously by many and as the Bible states in Luke 17:27, “In those days, the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time Noah entered the ark and the flood came and destroyed them all.” Noah took 80 years to build the ark and so I guess those of us convinced of the devastation to come may have more time to encourage people to get into the boat and save their financial nest egg.

The flood is coming, we have solutions, and the door hasn’t closed on the ark. We understand why folks are hesitant to believe anything bad is about to happen as the mainstream and likely 90% of advisors do not manage money the way we do, nor see things through the same lens. I don’t blame people for being skeptical, the pressure is immense to stay the course because the past 14 years have been extremely profitable to do so.

The biblical analogy is not lost on me as I see why the Lord flooded earth back in Noah’s day, it was because the world was so corrupt. Genesis 6:12-13 “God observed all this corruption in the world, for everyone on earth was corrupt. So God said to Noah, “I have decided to destroy all living creatures, for they have filled the earth with violence. Yes, I will wipe them all out along with the earth!”

The corruption today isn’t likely any of you that are reading this, it is the institutions and the people running them that are corrupt and need to be held accountable and defeated. Corruption through money. Remember we are not fighting flesh and blood but principalities of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12) The institution that have been corrupted by these “principalities of darkness include:

1. Family

2. Religion (Spirituality)

3. Business (Economy, Finance)

4. Big “Medicine”

5. Education

6. Politics

7. Media

8. Arts (Entertainment, Sports)

9. Court System

Just a quick glance at these institutions and one can wheel off a list of issues that seem to get more absurd each day. These institutions are at the heart of our everyday lives and over the years, especially the last decade or two they have continued to lose their innocence, replaced with blatant corruption and destruction all disguised as “progressiveness.” In most cases these radical changes are not even allowed to be questioned. The only way to stop this corruption is to take away that which corrupts them and that is money. A destruction of the financial system which is used to grease the palms of the people out to destroy our way of life will be a blessing in disguise and we can and should prepare ourselves and our families to survive and thrive the unavoidable.

All systems need a great reset to bring us back to the innocence of why they existed in the first place, and that is to serve the public not the public to serve them.

The problems with each of the 9 institutions are many and would be a blog in itself, but I will throw out a couple of examples.

Family- attack on the nuclear family, promotion of multiple genders

Religion- getting back to the root of Christianity (which is found only in Jesus) or whatever your belief is and not bending to the “principalities” of power. (Principalities are governments!)

Business – In Finance one great outcome of an economic collapse would be the opportunity to get rid of all the derivatives trading and secondly a return to a limited supply of currency backed by a gold which stops the printing of money that creates corruption.

The rest of the mentioned institutions have a host of problems and truth, and innocence is replaced with greed, control and lust for money.

I write the above to show that while the economic collapse is painful it will bring out new growth that will be better for us and our children. We should have had this reset happen in 2008 but the powers that be kicked the can down the road and here we are, 14 years later facing an inevitable collapse such as we’ve never witnessed before.

Unlike Noah I don’t suggest I get my information from God but indirectly, as a Christian, I believe that the information that comes our way is God’s work, all we have to do is discern its authenticity and bring forward our interpretations. Whether the source is mainstream investment guru’s, past knowledge, lessons learned, and experience and wisdom gained from 42 years in finance or from independent financial gurus that are not on the payroll of the Big Financial Machine such as the banks doesn't matter, it is up to all of us to develop our own opinion and be able to back it up.

My forecasts on what is going to happen are backed up with charts and fundamentally solid logical data, but truly only God knows when an event will take place.

I always remind people that my clients are secure as they are set up on our investment process and as such, we are prepared for the flood, but we still have the door open until the day comes for anyone wanting to join us. And even then, when the storm hits, we hope people will look to our process from a life raft. We welcome all. This is why Preservation Capital was formed, to help hundreds of families from the financial devastation that wiped out much of the middle class in 1929.

To conclude here is what many of us we feel will happen and we also agree that the timing is coming up quickly.

1. Stock market collapse prior to the end of 2022. A drop from where we are at now of 40% or more over a quick period of time, such as two weeks. The trigger will be caused by some event such as banking collapse similar to 2008 or a major country such as England defaulting, or some other event we aren’t even aware of.

2. Collapse of fiat currencies causing massive inflation resulting in civil unrest in many nations.

3. The fall of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency caused by the massive over supply of its currency due to the irresponsible printing of it led by pure greed. The dollar will be replaced by a commodity backed currency such as gold and other commodities like oil, nickel and copper. Three weeks ago, China and Russia announced they will be unveiling a new currency for worldwide trading backed by 5 commodities. Will their announcement be the death knell for the US Dollar?

4. The destruction of the US Dollar further exacerbates the decline of the US stock market pushing the US Central Bank to react, likely by trying to print more money to buy up stocks and bonds to support the market.

5. These events would lead to deflation causing real estate prices to fall and creating great bargains for those with money.

6. Commodities may rise sharply as those with money will want to hold tangible assets such as oil, gold and silver, not paper assets that have no value.

Remember. Wealth is never destroyed; it just changes hands. Make your hands the receiver not the deliverer.

It is believed that Noah was on the ark for 370 days. Maybe we can take some solace that this financial flood may only last that long or even shorter, and that the carnage left behind will only wipe out the evil and corrupt that have messed everything up over the years. Those that are prepared need not worry though, being prepared is half the battle, the other half is reacting properly when the flood hits.

Yours in Faith, Family and Finance



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