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Is it Ignorance or Apathy? Or Do We Care?

Maybe sucking up a margarita would be better than knowing and sometimes I agree with Jimmy. But having a large family I feel it important to not be a passenger in life.

A few days ago, a slightly boorish yet brave Canadian citizen, Chris Saccoccia who goes by the name of Chris Sky had just returned to Toronto Pearson airport from Istanbul, Turkey when he, and all others, were stopped by the Peel Municipal Police. Everyone except for Chris Sky obediently lined up for their 6-inch nasal swab and their three-day Federal government mandated quarantine in an airport hotel. Sky instead cited his rights under Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.(Ref#1) He was given a ticket which he says, and I believe, is unconstitutional and will be thrown out and likely cheaper than the “forced” quarantine hotel bill. Since that time people arriving in Canada have been walking right by the authorities and heading home. Some are stopping to allow themselves to receive a fine, while others are just heading out the door. (Ref#2)

Just think, if that is all it took, one person to stand up for his rights how powerful we would be together, and I think that awakening is happening. It was about one year ago when we were told 2 weeks to flatten the curve and the restrictions now are worse than then with no end in sight. By now most people realize this is not truly about science or people’s health, it is political. Anyone that has done more than 30 minutes of their own research or read any of my countless blogs has enough information to come to a rational conclusion that something smells.

What is more revealing is that it took a bare-chested loudmouth to wake people up while the 1,100 plus MLAs and MPs across all party lines in Canada are silent, compliant, and complicit with saying nothing. Does it not seem awfully suspicious that it never dawned on one of our paid employees (referring to MLAs and MPs) across Canada of doing what Chris Sky did, speak up for Canadian’s? Certainly not all of them are simply empty headed or unaware of the most important law in Canada. Hell, some even have law degrees. Let that sink in. “NOT ONE CANADIAN LEGISLATOR STOOD UP FOR THE MOST BASIC AND IMPORTANT RIGHTS OF CANADIANS!”(Ref#8) I hope all are ashamed, at very least those with a conscience.

So now that we have established that 1100+ elected officials are complicit by their fear and silence, let us look at the legislation called Bill C273 introduced by an enthusiastic Liberal backbencher yesterday, Feb 23rd. The bill is another not so subtle step towards Communism and a post national state where, “you will own nothing and be happy.”(ref#3) It is the introduction for a Guaranteed Basic Income and she gleefully states this is part of Canada’s “Innovation and Economic Growth Strategy. ”

As I was knocking doors for 18 months it was evident that we needed to upgrade the social assistance program, especially for the disabled and the working poor. But the last thing you want to do is pay people to stay home and if the Federal CERB program is any indication, many people like the idea of not working and collecting a cheque. People will tell you that, “the current incentive is so great they can’t afford to work.” There is so much wrong with that statement and so much more that can be done. This is a slippery slope, another success of this ongoing virus program.

Then I got to thinking, this goes deeper, and further back, than just a drama teacher reciting orders from globalist superiors. This is accomplishing the stated dream of becoming the world’s, “first post national state”, as quoted by Justin Trudeau in a 2015 NY Times article. His open admission at a women’s fundraiser in 2013, “There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship”, was a red flag. His father was a Communist and banned from the USA and his brother is a well-known communist as well. And who can forget his chilling “this pandemic has given us an opportunity to accelerate our plan to Build Back Better”** virtual speech to the UN. (Ref#5)

Chrystia Freeland’s warm relationship with the WEF is well documented in Rupa Subramanya’s National Post article of Feb 2/21, Chrystia Freeland's side gig with the WEF is endangering Canadian democracy

(Ref#4) while her and Justin’s cozy pictures with billionaire globalist George Soros shortly after the Liberal’s “surprise” victory in 2015 “discussing global economics” is easily found on DuckDuckGo, not easy, if at all on Google!

Ron MacLean knows the gig is up. He knows where this is going and where his bread is buttered and has made a personal decision to be part of it. MacLean was once a proud Canadian. Interestingly the man that made Ron MacLean’s career is Canada’s greatest cheerleader, Don Cherry. Here in one of the most cringeworthy interviews I have ever watched MacLean goes off the rails sycophantic with Canada’s Supreme Leader. (Ref#6) Cherry having not spoken to MacLean since his dismissal from Coaches Corner must’ve had a few choice words for his former friend as he watched that while his beloved country crumbles before his very eyes.

Going back further we look at the Liberal victory in 2015. They came from a deep third place to unseat a successful Prime Minister in Stephen Harper in a Canada where common sense still meant something. But Harper and his campaign were uncharacteristically awful and a popular NDP Leader Tom Mulcair made horrible mistakes. Either campaign would have been better served with a high school President cheerleading captain running their campaigns. And since then, the opposition has served up bland luminaries like Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh and Erin O’Toole, while people with a real chance of winning and making a substantial contribution to keeping Canada the great country it once was like Brad Wall, Rona Ambrose and Pierre Poilievre have one excuse after another for not stepping up.

It seems like a long time ago when I published, “Do We Fight for Freedom or Take a Chance on Communism?” but it was only nine days, February 13th. Since then, reality has set in and watching the nation-wide obedience by our 1100+ elected officials is frightening. It appears more each day that Canada might very well be the beta project for the creation of that first post national state, a country without borders controlled by a centralized government out of the UN, that many have been warning about for a few years. Meanwhile, they keep us focused on daily cases from a fake case counter and we submissively and somewhat unwittingly watch what many men and women died for, our basic right to freedom, slip away.


**a signature globalist saying by the WEF, “Build Back Better” and check out Ref#7, or search images on DuckDuckGo, as they’ve been scrubbed or hidden on Google.

8. There are a few, two in Alberta, two or three in Ontario that I know of.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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