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Justin Trudeau! "Which hot air is more dangerous?"

Let me start out and make one thing loud and clear. I care about protecting the environment and the land, and always have. I grew up on a farm and was in nature in my formative years at a time when farmers were more intimate with the land and the wildlife (not because we were as smart, but because we rode around without cabs ;) ). It's clear that we as humans need to do a better job of taking care of our planet before Mother Nature fights back.

But I also have a strong dose of common sense and I realize there is so much more to deal with than carbon dioxide, which is what is consistently preached to us. Dare even suggest or try and have civil discourse with any of the religious climate change fanatics and you are shamed and discredited. The science is settled, no more discussion. “And hey, who are you to even talk about this, you aren’t even a scientist.”

Like all of my friends and associates I care a ton about the environment but I will not see our province or country hemorrhage at the expense of a flawed narrative. Too many people are afraid to speak out. Politicians who think along the same line as me, and there are many, are to blame for allowing themselves to be brow beaten into submission. They are not serving Mother Nature by simply being politically correct and wasting taxpayers’ dollars building solar and wind farms.

Yes, climate change is real but what about our waterways, what about the biodiversity of plant and animal life, what about the ecological and human destruction caused by mining for rare earth elements to build components for solar and electric automobiles? What about the inability to recycle solar and wind components when they reach their age at 25 years? What about the massive use of land and concrete to construct these landscape eyesores, the wind pollution from turbines, the death of birds and bats? The cradle to grave carbon footprint (not counting inability to recycle) shows fossil fuels such as natural gas leaves less emissions than wind and solar.

I write this as the Trudeau government tabled legislation November 19, 2020 called Bill C12. They want Canada completely off of fossil fuel at any cost by 2050. Canada currently contributes about 1.5% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. We have 9,000 trees for every person living in Canada, about 338 billion of them which is close to 10% of the total amount of trees in the entire world. Wouldn’t that make us a carbon sink, not a net emitter?

Perspective is required to reach a feasible solution to the issues caused by climate change, while not completely kneecapping our fading chances of true economic recovery. I suggest we tie our emission reductions to that of China. China currently accounts for over 25% of global emissions. Their emissions grew by 2.6% in 2019. When they start reducing so do we. Saskatchewan is fighting the carbon tax in court but will likely lose. If so, we should scrap Trudeau's imposed tax and introduce our own, then refund 80% to all Saskatchewan residents and businesses, holding back 20% for administration and research to fast track thorium/nuclear energy which we can sell to the world. (more on this in the future)

World demand for oil is not expected to peak for at least 10 years, rising per year by somewhere between 5% optimistically, to 10% practically, according to the World Energy Outlook 2020

The trouble with this exhaustive and informative work, and like so many like them, is they never mention China, or India. Why? Because no one tells China what to do, nor does anyone know what they will do. China shows no sign of slowing down with roughly 100 coal fired plants currently under construction by the Chinese in Eastern Europe, Asia, and China.

So, with all this in mind Trudeau plans, even during these unprecedented times of financial distress, to roll out Bill C-12, not for the better of the country, not for the better of the environment, but to try and gain respect from the International community. Within 6 months we are to know what this means for consumers, but from all accounts it will introduce a second carbon tax , this time on transportation and heating fuel starting January 2022. This will cripple Saskatchewan farms and small businesses. Foreign import oil is exempt, of course!

Surely Canada can do better, but then again, we all know that. If world consumption of oil is increasing by 5% per year, we have a moral obligation, both from a social and an environmental point of view to produce and sell as much product to the rest of the world as possible. We have the most ethically sound, socially responsible and environmentally friendly oil production in the world. Trudeau knows that, he just doesn't care. He would honestly rather cripple the Canadian economy and its citizens than do what is morally correct.

Trudeau is not a friend of Canada, he is a self-affirmed, bought the t-shirt, follow-the-leader, attention-seeking globalist. He seeks international acclaim and recognition and to make good on his 2015 promise to make Canada the world’s first post-national state. Bankrupting Canadians brings them to their knees, and he has been hard at work doing that for over 5 years.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan



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