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Press Release - April 12, 2021

This was just released. Our hope and prayers are that someone in the media will have a conscience to hear our story and arrange a public debate. The government of Saskatchewan and the Sask Health Authority should have the capability to back up their policies during the past 13 months.

On January 27, 2021 we emailed an Open Letter to Premier Scott Moe, Sr. Saqib Shahab and all MLAs in Saskatchewan. The letter was a “solutions-based approach” to safely reopen our economy and our communities without the need for social distancing or masks while reducing deaths and hospitalizations.

This plan is not revolutionary, in fact it has been used in over 50 countries since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of the countries that took this approach are not nearly as wealthy as Canada and could not afford to shut down their economies. These countries utilized all the available tools in their toolbox to keep people healthy and to treat them as soon as they displayed symptoms. These countries have fared much better without the collateral damage of mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic abuse, bankruptcies, isolation of our elderly, and so on than Canada/ Saskatchewan.

The link for the entire 23-page open letter mailed in January is here.

This letter has been endorsed by 12 medical professionals and dozens more that will not go public for fear of de-platforming and the percolating cancel culture of our times.

This 23-page letter is impeccably sourced and backed up with scientific research and from doctors all over the world, many of whom are among the 55,000+ medical professionals that signed the Great Barrington Declaration.

The original Open Letter was never acknowledged by a single individual that received it. That letter and this one are written from a place of compassion and love for all people of this province who are tired and frustrated of what is an extremely failed plan.

A plan that has failed those who have died unnecessarily.

A plan that has failed children who are being injured, missing out on daily life with ever increasing attempted and sadly, successful suicides.

A plan that has failed children who are being forced to wear masks for extended periods of time, starving their brains of oxygen and causing unknown damages for their future, both physically/neurologically and mentally.

A plan that suppressed life saving plant-based medications treatments that have over 50-year track records, are on the list of safest drugs in the world and used worldwide on a daily basis.

We as citizens of this province cannot sit idly back while our dear elders suffer in isolation, our children suffer undetermined damage, and our neighbourhood small businesses go broke. And while these protocols continue, our government promotes fear everyday which scares and confuses many individuals and has caused a great divide amongst the people of this province. This is not the Saskatchewan way!

There is a better way, a healthier and more compassionate way. We have requested a live public debate with Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe or their designates. We urge them to oblige so they can defend their protocols, the public deserves to have answers to the questions in this latest Open Letter dated March 30, 2021. They deserve transparency.

We ask you, the media, to take a stand for the children and all people of this province and start holding the government to account for the ruination of our economy and the needless suffering and deaths that continue to occur.

Daryl Cooper on behalf of the Coalition for a Common-sense Approach to COVID-19


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