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Rudolph is off the Team, and more

The news from last week, a day or two late.

Hot topics or news that the Mainstream media won’t show us.

· The cancel culture continues its “wokeness.” Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco is one of 42 schools in San Fran on a list for possible renaming due to oppression and slavery. Ummm… wasn’t he the guy that… oh never mind. If that isn’t shocking enough Helen Keller was also called out in Time Magazine as, “Just another privileged white person.” …Okay then….

· A Democratic Congressman named Swalwell from the communist state of California inexplicably remains on the Intelligence Committee despite confirmation of a 3- or 4-year affair with an alleged Chinese spy. Maybe once Pelosi gets her hair done again, she may change her mind.

After weeks on end of political wrangling the political elite of the USA arranged for $600 per person while the rich get richer. This is the biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. Here are some words by one of my favourite US Democrat's, Tulsi Gabbard who should be the President but isn't elite enough nor would take any lobby money during the Democratic nomination process.

· Our Prime Minister sat down for a hard-hitting year-end interview with the dogged and determined Rosemary Barton from CBC. You have to feel for him when she is done with him because the softballs questions have a higher arc than even Biden has to put up with. No, wait,, that may be impossible as he only takes six questions a week.

· How is Hunter Biden doing? While he and his family are being investigated for connections and money laundering from the Ukraine and China, he is becoming an artist. He is using a pen to blow ink onto a canvass. Serious…

· Something else MSM left out is Rudolph will not be making the trip this year. Santa, who apparently got the vaccine, which Dr. Fauci reported to all children on America last week, has been unmasked by the FBI and was told that Rudolph has been compromised by a Chinese spy. She is a cute little caribou that evidently was introduced to Rudolph by an unsuspecting Cupid. No news on the mood of the other 8 but unconfirmed reports are that they are laughing and calling him names.

· A couple of reports came out this week that state what many people have suspected for a long time and that colds or flus are rarely if ever transmitted by asymptomatic carriers. Here are the links. One is a study, and another is an official video from the CDC. and the study done on 10 million people in China

· Back to Trudeau, in his year end interview he fondly reminisces of his friend and former Finance Minister Bill Morneau who resigned over the WE Charity scandal and then blurts out something about the upcoming 2021 election. Yes, folks we will be voting during a pandemic with mail in ballots and Dominion Vote counting machines and “programmable” software. I predict a massive Liberal victory.

Whatever became of WE? I am sure Barton and the CBC have been digging deeper into this. I expect bombshells to come out over this and SNC Lavalin in the New Year. They just will not leave him alone. I also expect the Arctic to be ice free by 2015. (whoops, I just had an Al Gore moment)

· But hey, as the WEF points out in their video, “You will own nothing and be happy.”

· New strain found in England. 70% more contagious. Now what?

· Vaccine issues causing concern? The media, nothing to see here. I am not an anti vaxxer nor am I suggesting to anyone what to do. But I have people from around the globe sending me information all the time and feel obliged to share as we do not seem to be getting all the information. “The Old Man in the Chair” Dr. Vernon Coleman from the UK, shared a YouTube video about the side affects using data from the CDC. It was taken down in a matter of hours, but I did get to see it. Why censor a video that simply speaks of facts contained in this Dec. 19th CDC report?

· The report shows as of Dec. 19th 272,001 doses of Pfizer product administered of which 5,052 had what is called, “Health Impact Events” which is 18.6%. The Health Impact is described as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.”

· This vaccine is experimental, never been used before. I am incensed at the political leaders for the constant snub of thousands of medical professionals like doctors Simone Gold, Pierre Kory, Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch and others that put their professional reputations on the line by lobbying theses officials to use what they call “repurposed” drugs. People are dying needlessly when safe treatments could be saving them. And talk about how to stay healthy besides washing our hands! Sad and frustrating to watch.

Have a very Merry Christmas with you and your loved ones and see you next week, God willing.



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