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Staying Strong and Informed until the Lunacy Passes

Last week I wrote about the Power of Prayer being our Passport to Freedom. It is true and while I am as upset as most of you are with all the absurdities going on that just don’t make sense, I do believe with every fibre of my being that the pendulum will get so far to the left it will swing back, and when it does it will be what people refer to as The Great Awakening or The New Earth or, as prophesized in the Book of Revelations, a New Jerusalem. When this happens, and it will, the new earth will be even better than we ever imagined, better than we could imagine, better than before. A world with abundance for all and hate for none. A world without war or lack or greed. But to get there we best be prepared for this insanity to get worse. It is always darkest before dawn and “they” have already told us that they are planning a “new normal.”

Logically it is well known by everyone, except for some “lifer academics” that live in a bubble and are fine with communism and like to be quoted in the media that everything is a conspiracy, that the agenda by the worldwide elites is for a Great Reset. The Great Reset is outlined in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 which can be found on the website of the World Economic Foundation (WEF). The agenda is clear, they want total control over every part of our lives and the Jab they promote is part of that agenda. The WEF in conjunction with the United Nations, and who knows who else, likely the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization to name a couple are preaching something called “Sustainable Development.” It includes, among other things depopulation, agricultural practices, and climate change. It all sounds all warm and cuddly but what it really means is Global Communism with one world government, or as George Bush senior said on Sept. 11, 1990, a New World Order.

The nonsense we keep witnessing is getting worse. I mean Joe Biden is not well mentally and is the President of the free world. His family, especially his son and many Democrats (many Republicans as well) are heavily compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. His administration quickly shelved thousands of energy jobs, dropped bombs in the middle east killing civilians, are allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to walk through the southern border as they tear down the wall.

Now let me be clear, I understand completely that Joe does not make any decisions, just like his woke buddy north of the border. They take their marching orders from a higher power and I do not who that is. It could be China and/or the UN as Trudeau has mentioned many times that he envisioned a Canada as the first post national state, told the world that Canada has no culture and that he was going to replace old stock Europeans. It is entirely possible that the train has already left the track and our softness and apathetic approach to politics will have us fighting our way out of Communism, or meekly accepting our fate.

The optimist would say that both countries are under control of a higher power backed by their military. This would explain the continued fence around the Capitol, that Joe Biden has never had the "fawning" press into the White House to see him smiling in the Oval Office. In Canada there was the military style gate crashing event last July 1st at Rideau Hall was not really about an intruder with "four guns" (haha) but rather as some suggest was a military coupe that took down Trudeau. This would explain Trudeau's sullen tone, his hibernation in the cottage by himself and the complete capitulation without shame by all 13 Premiers of this country.

The above two possibilities would explain the complete lack of accountability for spending, the lack of any opposition in Canada from the CPC, the NDP or any of the once alpha-male Premiers. Something is terribly off and the two propositions I put forth are purely speculation from a person trying to put a finger on why everything is not like it should be. We have been told for over a year we are in the greatest war of our lifetimes against a killer disease. Well, in war you have debate and lots of it. Emotions run high as Leaders have diverse ideas on how to deal with the war to best serve the people they are elected to protect. Instead you have a bunch of medical experts running the show while the leaders, their caucuses and their opposition caucuses prance along like neutered sheep.

Back to the absurdities. We have a woman that sings about her #vagina declared Billboard’s woman of the year, nice role model for our kids. A guy that identifies as a gal celebrated by Outsports media as “the bravest athlete in history”, fights in a cage with real women, wins by cracking their skulls open, two different women to be exact! Seriously! Where are the feminists?

We have legalized eugenics and infanticide, suppressed life saving medications so we can peddle an experimental Jab, censorship by Big tech of anything that goes against communist narratives, cancelling anyone that dares challenge them, a media that are not journalistic in anyway that are simply puppets for the state. Governments and the media that keep reporting PCR tests that everyone on Earth knows by now are only about 2% accurate. Cancellation of My Pillow or anyone that supported Trump, even a list promoted by the outrageous Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez of his employees and supporters to be cancelled.

Propaganda of fear through social distance rules, mask mandates, daily warnings of deadly virus numbers all to create dependence on the government and cause more collateral damage than the people they are supposedly trying to save. First CERB now Universal Basic Income to create a population dependent on government instead of being stimulated to be self reliant. Federal government looking at laws to justify charges for going against the narrative even if it is the truth. The United Nations having such luminaries as "China, Saudi Arabia, Congo and Somalia on the Commission for Status of Women?" Mind you, literally anything to do with the UN is ridiculous.

Race baiting, Religion baiting, Region baiting, socio-economic status baiting, gender baiting, global warming baiting. They know damned well that if they wanted to, they could speak about how great we are as a society, how much we have in common and how much they love their country. Instead, they try and divide us when in reality the vast majority of us love each other regardless of skin or religion. It is all callously calculated. They know the best way to control the masses is to divide and conquer. But we outnumber them a million to one and all it takes is that Great Awakening and the cards will fall fast.

It never seems to end. And the question is why?

Here is my belief. In last weeks blog mentioned earlier I said that people keep wondering when their friends and family are going to wake up and see what they see. I believe it needs to get worse and so ludicrous that even the most hardened “woke” or “progressive” will go, “this is waaaay too crazy.”

When you watch Tucker Carlson of FOX and the feminist Naomi Wolf become friends, devoted to the same cause of saving America, you know darn well there is hope. So hang in there, keep speaking your truth, love your neighbour, stick to facts, stay out of emotion and never surrender because that is exactly what they want you to do, to capitulate. The new earth will be our reward.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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