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Success and Failures of Donald Trump

This is not an article you will see or read on any mainstream media forum like CBC, CTV, Global, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC , CBS, Globe and Mail or New York Times.

In honour of Super Bowl Sunday I thought I would finally publish this blog I did up quite awhile ago but was preoccupied with the atrocities of the continued propagation of fear and manipulation from all levels of government and media regarding a rather innocuous and controllable bug has been a more important topic to focus on.

So here we go, was Trump a success or a failure? He certainly was a lightning rod. He created tension and pushed back against the media who pummelled him relentlessly. He gave as good as he got so in the end, it might be considered a draw.

I actually remember where I was when Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States. People I worked with at that time, knowing I was a political junkie, asked me my thoughts and I had to laugh, I thought it was another famous Trump self-promotion. I fully figured that in the end, Ted Cruz would win the nomination. But it fancied on myself and others in the business world on the, “what if” an outsider from the political elite/establishment, with a business background and not in it for the money became the President, of the free world? What possibly could go wrong?

Well as it turned out, a lot did go wrong. Trump and the Press and the Establishment were at war with each other from the get-go. He was the first non- establishment President since Reagan(although Reagan shifted after the attempt on his life) and before Reagan was Carter, Kennedy and Eisenhower. The media were beside themselves. Canada has a similar issue, if you look back at our Prime Ministers who were the most vilified, mocked and attacked by the media? Stephen Harper of course and before him Diefenbaker and Joe Clarke. The rest, Chretien, Martin, Trudeau x 2, Mulroney, Pearson and St. Laurent are all Laurentian elites. The media is more chilled with the establishment. It isn't real journalism any longer, it is something totally absurd.

Some people feel sorry for Trump and his family, but you get back what you give out and they signed up for it. Trump is a street fighter and didn’t have the panache or orating skills that people were accustomed to with Obama and he made it abundantly clear from the start he loathed political correctness. When you are in a street fight you don’t have time for rules of engagement and Trump made his own rules and he is forced to live with the consequences.

It was two bullies going head to head for four years. Instead of cowering and trying to get along with the media like many Conservative leaders do, Trump went punch for punch with them.

Because of his approach, Trump gained a loyal legion of followers as he spoke the language. The elite, academia, the mainstream media, the anarchists, the socialists and the woke culture despised him and his followers. This has been aptly described as a movement of common sense, the man and woman of the middle class fed up with entitled politicians. The media was quick to look down upon these supporters, constantly painting them as uneducated, and the unwashed masses. That tactic only galvanised and increased his support. He was the peoples President, and, in the end, he wasn’t selected for a second term, deferring to a lifelong politician with considerable baggage but fully embraced and protected by the media.

Below is my list of Trump’s biggest accomplishments and his biggest failures.


  • The first President since Eisenhower to not engage in a new war.

  • He finished off ISIS. (or at least while he was President)

  • Stopped (substantially slowed) down illegal immigration, many of whom were involved in human trafficking, and many of them being trafficked were children.

  • First President to sign nine pieces of anti-human trafficking legislation.

  • Created seven million new jobs and took seven million people off of food stamps

  • Unemployment was the lowest in 50 years, something Obama confidently stated for eight years couldn't be done.

  • Record low of unemployment for African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans and individuals with disabilities

  • Record high stock market.

  • Brought 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs back to the USA by getting the country out of unfavourable foreign trade agreements that were gutting the heartland and middle class. Most of these jobs had been lost to China.

  • Oversaw historic peace treaties with Israel and Arab neighbours. The most peaceful four years in the Middle East in my lifetime.

  • Unleashed America’s oil and gas potential, making the USA energy independent for the first time since Standard Oil ruled the planet.

  • Lower pharmaceutical prices for the average person. Example: The USA has 34 million people with diabetes. Insulin for one month was roughly $1,000. Trump lowered those costs to $100/month and 13 states have since moved to cap insulin costs at $100/mo.


1. The divisiveness the US is in now

2. He never drained the swamp

3. The large deficits and accumulated debt.

Each one of the failures is a blog unto itself but I shall be brief.

1. The divisiveness is easily blamed on the media as they were utterly relentless throughout the four years never once saying a good thing about Trump. But, what if Trump would have spoke Presidential more often instead of trading barbs? Winning by division is never an answer IMHO.

2. The swamp is real. Washington DC has long been known for corruption. The corruption is money from lobby groups, and the money affects(buys) votes on policy and political favours. Ask yourself how a lifelong politician making $170,000 a year come to live in $6 million mansions. This was an election promise he never kept which begs the question, if Trump never drained the swamp, is he part of it? Was his television show the Apprentice just a warm up act for the biggest stage of all? One has to keep an open mind.

Not all US politicians are on the take. If I was King and could crown Presidents and Prime Ministers it would be Tulsi Gabbard in the US and Leslyn Lewis in Canada. I hold people like them in high esteem. I have a blog coming up about this two very strong and bright women . Lord how we need strong leaders now, I see not one in Canada or the USA at this moment, not one!

3. The accumulated Debt of the USA is up 50% from $18trillion to $27t under Trump. If not for COVID it would likely be around $25t which is still monstrous and going to cause serious problems down the line such as a declining dollar and rising inflation. Trump's insistence on spending is also what artificially kept the US stock market (the world's largest Ponzi scheme) so high through his Presidency and if I am Biden I am saying, “let the damned thing crash now so we can blame it on Trump and we have four years to boost it back up.” But sadly, there will come a day of reckoning and a point of no return.

Love to hear your feedback, if there was ever a contentious issue where people carry strong emotions, it is Donald Trump.


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