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Summon Courage and Stand in Faith, Our Children Need Us!

I have been quiet on the blog front for a few weeks. I decided to take a step back to reflect on where I want to take this medium and observe what is going on in the world. I have published 56 blogs since my first one on November 11th. Never in a million years did I start out with the idea that the so-called pandemic would become such a huge issue.

There is so much to write about, and you get immersed into reading research, watching videos, and talking to people about their experiences. It becomes a full-time job, a job that is all consuming. One’s passion in pursuit of the truth is what drives you and the governments’ reaction to this virus certainly leaves the door wide open to scrutiny. The inconsistencies in the protocols set out in every aspect of this situation should have everyone mad as hell.

When you tell people, they need a six-inch stick shoved up to their brain (reportedly similar to a practice used by ancient Egyptians to dumb them down their slaves) which is sprayed with the carcinogen ethylene oxide, to test for a disease so contagious they need to wear a mask and stay six feet apart and they are actually okay with that you have to shake your head. Not to mention the readily available reports completely obliterating any credibility in the PCR tests that ran at cycles over 30 are only accurate 3% of the time you wonder why there isn’t more of an uproar? Or, that due to the complicit media the general population has no idea that the daily case report is completely useless that the Provincial or State Governments just ramp up the number of tests because positive cases are directly correlated to the number of tests done. Thus, if the leaders want to shut us down for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter they just crack open a new pallet of kits and increase the tests.

It becomes a bit frustrating when you’ve spent hundreds of hours of research to bring out factual and objective truths that the media cover up and none of the political opposition parties even question and people still believe what they hear from their government and their trusted CBC, CTV, CNN and so on.

Even when you point out that the 2015 flu saw an overall increase in all case mortality in Canada of 5.19% over 2014 but the pandemic, that is heralded as a threat to the very existence of mankind only brought a 4.17% increase from 2019 to 2020, people are like, "yawn, oh interesting," back to their Netflix and can't wait for their jab! To believe that all the deaths announced as covid deaths were all caused by covid then you are saying, not only did the flu disappear in 2020 but deaths from cancer and heart disease dropped dramatically as well, in spite of cancelled appointments. That’s an amazing admission that people drinking that kool-aid have to make. A huge leap to believe the story and yet they do, and they line up to get an experimental drug to solve all the problems. Yes, it is exasperating and truly dumbfounding, but, I have not and will not lose faith in mankind.

I haven’t lost faith and we as the grown-ups here on Earth cannot afford to. We have to acknowledge that even if we are too lazy to start to fight back the tyranny we've been living in for ourselves there is another generation counting on some leadership, some courage and some bloody common-sense! What will it take?

This is so much bigger than the virus and I was much later coming to that conclusion than many others were. We are truly in a war. It is a war that has been planned for decades, if not centuries. It is no longer a conspiracy theory to talk about the Great Reset and New World Order, it is all out in the open and the globalists are panicking. The UN Agenda 21 was supposed to be the kick off and Agenda 2030 was to be the culmination of their efforts. But too many things have gone wrong and too many people are waking up. Eastern Europe and Africa have seen enough corruption and communism in their lives that they are taking a hard stand. But as Africa and Eastern Europe stand up and take the bullets for their lives, they watch as western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America all take a knee to the globalists They watch us lifeless, compliant, completely asleep and ever too trusting.

Leadership is so important and none of the provincial leaders in Canada are in control. Doug Ford and Jason Kenney look absolutely terrified. If you have been watching the Premiers have made decisions almost in sync and while we invest new reasons to lock down our southern cousins are unmasking and opening up. The premiers must be either paid handsomely or their family’s lives have been threatened, or both to go along with the charade of protocols I mentioned above. They have allowed the suppression of life saving treatments for their people while becoming hucksters for an experimental (not FDA approved) largest human clinical drug trials in the history of the world. I am not sure how they sleep at night knowing the cost that the Presidents of Tanzania and Burundi paid for protecting their people. Both men suddenly died, but not before they kicked out the WHO and the globalists and stood up for their people. The Tanzanian President is also the one who sent a sample from a goat and another from a papaya to be tested and they came back positive for covid. May he rest in peace and glorified for his bravery.

We truly need to pray that the thirteen Premiers will stand up and speak the truth that their caucus has to know but they too are too afraid to speak.

So I will do a Jen Psaki and “circle back” to what my reflection time showed me.

1. I will spend the next many blogs breaking down with further data-based research of the irregularities exposing the lies of masks, PCR tests and so on.

2. I will bring you my unabashed assessment of the media and their role in the unnecessary deaths of so many people.

3. I will expose the shameless behaviour of people and institutions that are reportedly getting paid to be influencers, urging people to get the vaccine.

4. I will challenge these influencers to debates with myself and my friends or to doctor friends I have come to know that are telling the truth at a huge personal and professional cost. Why are they doing it? Because they love humanity and the people of this country and took an oath to do no harm and believe in informed consent, none of which many doctors in this country have been following.

5. I will share stories I hear everyday of the collateral damage of lockdowns, of families being torn apart, of child depression and suicides increasing exponentially and the deaths, the adverse affects and the possible long term affects of this experimental gene therapy.

6. But I will start with a sharp reminder of what Canada is facing and facing very, very soon. If what I am hearing, it isn’t pretty.

In conclusion I want to thank everyone that sends me messages, research, emails, phone calls and texts everyday. Your support helps keep me going. I cannot possibly respond to each of you as the amount of material I receive everyday is truly humbling. Please keep it coming, I see and look at everything you send and use it when I can.

And, I hope I am wrong about everything. I hope that everything that the media and the government tells you is 100% correct and that in a few months we will be back to normal and everyone will have their freedoms back. It would make my heart glad to be mocked for years for being so off base as I would know that my grandchildren would be living a life with as much opportunity and freedom as I had.

I truly mean that, but in the meantime this is not a time for complacency or political correctness. This time calls us to get off our asses, be courageous and ask tough questions. It is asking us to wake the hell up and start thinking for ourselves. It is telling us to shut off the damned television, find some of those doctors being censored and mocked and watch what they have to say. It is asking you to humble yourself to the point that you can admit you may have been misled and I know that is hard, but courage never comes easy.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan



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