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The Best Marketing Campaign is to Have a Product People Trust.

A salesperson of integrity presents a product that sells itself. When it comes to Canada, and Saskatchewan in particular, it appears that the product isn’t selling itself so well, so other methods need be employed. Attributed to Nazi Joseph Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

Is it really a pandemic when you need to have a full-blown marketing campaign to urge people to take a treatment they don’t want, don’t need and don’t trust? Yet this is what is going on in Saskatchewan and across the country and it is shameless. The characters involved should all be utterly embarrassed. ”

The latest stunt is a Saskatchewan taxpayer paid commercial with a slogan of “Stick it to COVID.” The blatant desperation to encourage people to take an experimental jab that has caused serious and immediate side effects and unknown long-term damage is showing through loud and clear. The commercial itself is disingenuous as it does not follow the Nuremberg Code of informed consent. It likely will backfire as people can feel the desperation in the messaging and start to wake up and realize how little uptake there truly is in their community. The silent majority is evident by the empty lanes at the drive through clinics throughout the province. I have no statistics and even if I did, how would we trust them? How do you trust anyone when so much of what they tell us is a lie? (Masks, PCR tests, vexxxeeene risks, etc)

You are seeing influencers such as doctors on social media telling everyone that the only safe way is through this experimental drug. Serious questions, do these doctors have no idea about herd immunity and the human body’s amazing natural defense system? Do they never advise taking care of oneself through exercise, proper nutrition, and supplementation? Do they not do read any studies outside of their own little circle about the benefits of vitamin D, not to mention all the other life saving repurposed drugs available that make any experimental chemical jab unnecessary? Have they not read one study where the mortality rate could have been reduced by 80% by making sure everyone had a concentration of Vitamin D in their blood over 30? Or that Canada could have, and still can, test all 35 million Canadians for vitamin D levels and provide everyone a year’s supply of supplementation for $1.4 billion averting the need and cost for the useless PCR testing, vexxxeeene and the deadly lockdowns? Do they not give a damn or are they simply ignorant?

Many of these influencers are quite conspicuous. Take for example the Twitter account of Dr. Alexander Wong, @awong37 where he has perfectly choreographed tweets throughout the day, complete with carefully placed hashtags, no spelling or grammar mistakes. I think it is more than fair to question who is actually doing the tweeting. The authenticity truly is challenged when just 3 days ago he proudly tweeted, “Insane first 4 weeks on Twitter”, when his profile shows he opened the account December 2010, yet all previous tweets have been scrubbed. I don’t mean to pick on the doc but let’s face it, he feeds fear and misinformation and openly tweeted, that the vexeeene was “the only way out” of these lockdowns, never once mentioning ivermectin, HCQ, Vit D or proper health to avoid getting sick. He is a what is referred to as controlled opposition.

There are many doctors on Facebook such as Hassan Masri. We would enjoy a public debate with him, and he could bring along the UofS Prof. and radio personality Dr. Joe Blondeau and/or anyone else he thinks could defend the story they've been feeding the public for over 13 months. Or how about we hook them up for a debate with Alberta doctors Modry and Hodkinson who today challenged the Alberta government . Check out their press release on my Facebook page, The Daryl Cooper Report.

There are regular Joe and Jane influencers are on Facebook as well, posting pictures of their vaccine sticker, proudly wearing a mask and all of them posting virtually the same message. As soon as they post about getting the jab it just so happens that dozens of their followers happened to see it at the same time and within 10 minutes you have dozens of comments and congrats and how they are so excited for their “jabbed friend.” The marketing behind this is psychological to make it appear "everyone" is doing this.

Other controlled opposition is political. Take the opposition party in Saskatchewan, the NDP, what a glorious opportunity for their leader, a doctor himself, to win the hearts of the people of the province by stepping up and showing an alternative other than harping on further lockdowns. He blew it. Was it on purpose or is he simply uninformed of what is going on in the rest of the world. You get the same useless rhetoric from the feigned opposition in Michelle Rempel Garner, Pierre Poilievre and Erin O’Toole of the federal Canadian Conservative Party. They play the part but it is like watching a bad game of charades, they appear to not be truly trying.

The media offers no resistance whatsoever as well. John Gormley sounds like he is auditioning daily for the CBC, he has gone full blown mainstream never questioning the governments actions that are killing small business, haring children and killing the elderly. The Roy Greene Show appears to have acquiesced as well. Come on people. These are Conservative voices that are always distrustful and yet are part of the advertising campaign.

We really need courageous leadership to step up and do the right thing. Maybe we have as we pray and encourage the eighteen dissenters from the governing UCP Party in Alberta to go a step further and start action. That will be the only road to your personal re-election, standing up for the people, not the party. Standing up for the party over the people is communism. Heed that message all Sask Party MLAs.

And as such this leads us to conclude, what is going on, are we really in a controlled state? One party state controlled by foreign powers with pretend opposition and full blown support from the media? We will discuss that in an upcoming blog. For today we concentrate on the massive dissent from the silent majority that are refusing to take the bait for the experimental drug and starting to disobey public demands. This has caused the state much desperation resulting in threats of further lockdowns, vexxxeeene passports, public shaming, more fear mongering over variants and a massive marketing campaign. The truth, well, it always comes out.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan


PS: And, for posthumous sake, on April 10th, Vexxxeeen Cheerleader and Minister of Health Paul Merriman said on Twitter, “Other than that, to my knowledge, there will be no advance notice of what you are getting … Any vexxxeeen is a good vexxxeeene.”


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