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There is a New Sheriff in Town

On January 20, 2021 the most popular President in the history of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was sworn in as the President of the United States. Joe as he is affectionately known by his adoring subjects won with a record 81.3 million votes despite his opposition, a sitting President, affectionately known as Orange Man Bad (OMB), receiving another record number of 74.2 million votes. The 81.3 million votes were 17% more than Barack Obama received at his peak. A resounding dominance in certain counties where Joe won more than 110% of the vote, who says hockey players are being cliché when they use those words, and the vast majority of the dead vote, pushed him to the fame he so deserves after 36 years in the Senate and 8 years as Vice President.

But hey, enough on the election, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “Presidents are selected not elected.”

Joe, or “The Big Guy” as he is known by his international accomplices and his son Hunter, in deals involving Ukrainian energy companies will be much different than OMB. Joe has the playbook called Build Back Better, a key phrase used by Liberals and globalists across the world these days, so much for national pride and originality.

The playbook will be the same that Justin Trudeau has played out over the past 5 years in Canada.

Massive Immigration, legal but favouring the illegal. Illegal immigration is a massive slap in the face to all the legal immigrants who come through the front door and followed the rules. If they truly are victims in their own country, then where is the beloved United Nations? It has been reported that Joe has paused the deportation of hundreds of dangerous criminals, many involved in the gang called MS 13. The US reportedly has already welcomed more than 7000 new illegals claiming asylum with a reported caravan on their way numbering in the tens of thousands. (and videos show they are not wearing masks nor social distancing, super spreader alert) He promised to grant legal status to a further 11 million illegals (rumoured to be closer to 30 million). Maybe Trudeau can change that one way crossing at Roxham Road to point south and have the Mounties help escort people back to the USA now that dangerous OMB is gone.

Destroy the energy sector and the energy independence the US accomplished under OMB. Joe started already by cancelling Keystone Pipeline and halted drilling with a 60-day moratorium on new oil and gas leases, putting tens of thousands American’s out of work during a pandemic. Oh, and more than that in Canada. (collateral damage)

Mammoth spending on green energy. Remember, the pandemic isn’t the only bogeyman threatening our very survival. Never mind that China produces 25% of the greenhouse gases every year and increases that amount by 5% or 10% per year. The Chinese know not what they do and so we in North America need to cripple our economies to accommodate their ignorance. (smh again)

New gun law ownership rules on law abiding gun owners. This will be another priority similar to Trudeau's plans. I know they will make a lot of noise and they'd like to change the Second Amendment and target legal gun owners.

Restart the War machine to feed the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) Eisenhower spoke of when leaving office. OMB was the first President since Eisenhower to not start a war. Worthy of note that the Nobel Peace Prize winner that preceded OMB was involved in 5 wars/battles. Bold prediction but I can see a new terror threat re-emerge similar or the same as ISIS or Al-Qeada from which new wars will emerge. The MIC is itching to send some young men and women to slaughter to try out their new weapons.

Lots of tears, a ton of virtue signalling, social justice projects and apologies that will have CNN newscasters, along with politicians welling up like my Great Aunt at a wedding. Justin cried incessantly the first couple of years to prove how deeply he cared.

Repair international alliances. Cue this up as code for more friendly ties with the Chinese whose feelings, and economy, were hurt by OMB’s tariffs.

More censorship laws. Freedom of speech is allowed as long as you don’t criticize or have a different opinion than the administration. Yup, same as Russia, China, and the Thought Police in Orwell’s 1984. Count on Big Tech to create an echo chamber that doesn’t include other views.

More intrusions into our lives by Big Tech. I was looking forward to the anti-trust bust up of the monopolistic Technocracy like the breakup of AT&T in 1982.

National unity. He says he is going to unite the country, and like a Hallmark greeting card he laid out his plan in his inauguration speech. I sincerely hope his able to accomplish this. The world is watching.

COVID may not go away, it may get worse, but restrictions will be lifted, the “science” will change. Just a day after Joe was inaugurated, Michigan, Illinois and New York announced plans to relax their lock-downs. California will follow shortly is my prediction.

New taxes and tax increases. It is in the playbook somewhere, and as Trudeau has shown us, it doesn’t matter if we have massive unemployment and small businesses are going broke, nothing is too much when the very existence of the world is at stake through Canada’s 1.6% of greenhouse gas emissions. Joe will have a similar strategy.

Lower GDP to levels that Obama was comfortable with, under 2%. Remember when Barack told the American people that anything more was impossible? (that never aged well)

Higher unemployment to revive the nostalgic glory years when Joe was Vice-President. Having people dependent on the government is a good thing for globalists and China deserves those manufacturing jobs back.

Yes, the new Sheriff is going to recreate America. Rejoining the WHO and Paris Climate Accord are just platitudes than mean little but signal that America is back as a globalist friend, not a nation taking care of its own first. OMB famously stated he was not the President of the World; he was the President of the USA. Joe will make it clear that America is no longer that self-centred.

It will be different. As the saying goes these days, “Common Sense isn’t Common anymore.” Why should we in Canada be concerned? Because we have experienced all the above with devastating consequences to our financial situation and now 10 times our population will be joining the experiment. A massive experiment that has been played out in places like Venezuela.

Being the Leader of the Free World is a huge undertaking but despite his declining cognitive health, Joe is marching on.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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