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Transparency Required For Public Trust

Many politicians need to remember they are our employees, elected to manage government services. As their employers we should hold them accountable to a higher standard than those they govern.

Canadian politicians leaving the country for vacations during the Christmas break has become the most heated social media topic the past many days. I posted a few days ago about a Saskatchewan Cabinet Minister that was caught, but he certainly has plenty of company across the country and I am certain there are many more that won’t be "caught."

I want to write a short follow up to my earlier post to clarify my position on this topic. First off, I am not against the freedom to fly, but when you are part of the governing party that has been lecturing your constituents for almost a year to avoid non-essential travel you put yourself in a position of setting an example. The people involved are either naive or feel entitled. If it is the latter, you immediately put yourself into the Trudeau Liberal camp that doesn’t believe in transparency. When you aren’t transparent you instantaneously lose credibility from the people you are elected to represent. Once you lose credibility due to lack of transparency every action you take or have taken, every statement you make will be subject to suspicion. If you simply claim naivety, then you have likely been in government too long and have lost touch with your constituents, and thus, be held accountable by them.

I hope they all had a wonderful vacation, I too may go away for a week or so as Dr. Tam stated today that air plane fuselages are safer than malls. I repeat, I am not against travelling. I do not however, understand, if you feel travelling is okay then how can you place the hard-fisted restrictions on people you serve? Restrictions such as those for family gatherings. And I heard from numerous sources that tickets were being handed out to people in ice fishing shacks over the weekend. I saw an incident in Quebec where four or more small-town police busted up a family Christmas, literally dragging people out of the house. And many people cannot afford to take a vacation. They have been out of work or have lost their small business due the the lock-downs you imposed. The stories seem to be getting worse, people hear this and it smells and looks real bad.

In the one Saskatchewan case known so far, I have never met the Minister, but from all accounts I hear he is a stand-up guy. He has an impeccable track record and has served this province very well. But as mentioned, both he and the Premier lacked transparency on this issue. They will have some explaining to do come Monday.

In love of this great province we call Saskatchewan



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