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When it comes to the COVID virus how come no one in government including the opposition, is suggesting we boost our immune systems by staying healthy? Isn’t the responsibility of our health professionals to promote healthy lifestyles to avoid illness and the need for medication? Or is it the role of health these days to simply give out pharmaceuticals? I mean seriously, all we hear about is how to mask up, wash our hands, stay away from each other, clean our homes, don’t get together with your community, don’t sing at Church, wear a mask, yes, always wear a mask, stay inside, no family over, no hockey or fresh air, quarantine your kid for 14 days out of school, even if they have no symptoms, if they’ve been in contact with a COVID positive person. I mean I could go on and on, but we all get the point.

And yes, the virus is real. Yes, we must all pitch in while keeping our businesses open and yes, we must especially protect the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable need to take personal responsibility and use common sense to be extra vigilant themselves. But for goodness sakes, let’s not allow ourselves to be sucked in by the propaganda machine and live our lives in fear. Which reminds me of one of my favorite Bob Newhart clips I will post it here now. Great advice IMO J . We hear this constantly everyday through the MSM, and if that isn’t enough, there are many fear mongers outside the Main Stream Media that appear to like when the numbers are higher because they have something to worry about and alarm others.

The new President Biden says he will have a national mandatory mask for 100 days. Not sure of any science around 100 days but then, does it matter, just do as your told, and don’t question. Just last month the World Health Organization (WHO), pointing to the issue of locking down, tweeted, “Because of their severe economic, social & broader health impacts, lockdowns need to be limited in duration,” they tweeted. “Lockdowns are not sustainable solutions because of their significant economic, social and broader health impacts.” Yet many states including California remained locked down for everyone except the Governor and a few of his closest friends. (they reminded me of Animal Farm, another George Orwell classic)

Ontario and Manitoba are in lockdown as well, I wish them well but feel for the business owners.

What are we going to do? This is a coronavirus which is related to the flu and the common cold. The number will never be zero and right now numbers are probably high as the PCR test (what "determines" a cv-19 case) reportedly may pick up positive results from the common cold and other flu viruses. Whether this is true or not is immaterial as we are in the flu season and we see literally no flu numbers being posted nationally. And as it is summer down under, Australia is reporting very few new COVID cases.

So, do we stay in this state of lockdown/partial lockdown and fear until we get a vaccine? Is it all about masks and vaccines or can we boost our immune system and save the healthcare system an enormous cost by staying healthy?

Things I believe your Health Ministry should be telling you if they haven’t already:

These will keep your mind and body in better condition, mental health is important

· Eat healthy

· Exercise

· Go for a walk in the fresh air and sunlight

These are said to boost your immune system.

· Vitamin D, Vitamin C

· Zinc and Tumeric

And did you wonder whatever happened to those antibody tests that Moe and Kenney were talking about in the spring? If you recall they were not approved by Health Canada at the time but a quick search shows that they now are and are available in Ontario and Quebec for sure and on a limited basis in British Columbia. According to the information on the British Columbia website the tests are quite accurate. .

It doesn’t take an expert to suggest that if someone tests positive, does that not give them the same immunity as a vaccine, because after all, aren’t all vaccines just a small dose of the said virus?

Here is a clip from the television show, “60 Minutes” from the 1970’s about the swine flu vaccine in the USA.

Here is hoping we see some guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and antibody testing coming to our Province soon.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan.



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