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Warnings of the US Dollar, and other fiat currencies

Here is an interesting video you should watch. (263) The Great Reset, Here's How it Happens: Andy Schectman - YouTube

The basics of it are that in 2019, the Bank of International Settlements which is the Headquarters for all the Central Banks in the world secretly without press conferences elevated Gold to a tier 1 asset class equal to the US Dollar making it only the second ever asset to be considered "risk free." This is unknown to many people but is extremely important as it makes it a de facto world reserve currency alongside the US Dollar.

A few notes.

1. The US Dollar has been the world's reserve currency since 1944 and the only one. Now we have two. Why?

2. Since then the Central Banks around the world have been buying record amounts of gold.

3. China and Russia are planning on introducing a new currency backed by Gold and possibly other currencies such as oil/copper and so on.

Answer to # 1. The only plausible reason that anyone could possibly surmise is that they elevated Gold because they know the US Dollar is going to depreciate substantially due to the US Debt and the obscene over printing in the past 2 years. (80% of all US Dollars in circulation now were printed in the last 2 years!) US Dollars went from $4 trillion in 2019 to $21 Trillion in 2022. That is absolute insanity and will be the eventual downfall. The US Dollar is backed by nothing other than goodwill.

Meanwhile, the BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Saudi Arabia and recently Iran are a closely knit group formed in 2001 as a trading block. They represent 60% of the world population and 40% of its GDP. They have announced that they will be introducing a new global currency backed by commodities as mentioned above. This puts further strain on the US Dollar as countries won't need it any longer for global trade.

Already Saudi Arabia is selling oil to China for Chinese Yuan breaking an agreement that they have had with the USA since 1974 when Nixon inked a deal to provide military protection of the Saudi people in exchange, the Saudi's would sell all OPEC oil in the USD. That deal is now done...

Here is another clip to watch. Both CNN and FOX put out similar reports last weekend. They are straight up telling us something is about to happen.

Lastly, the President of Kenya warned his country folk to sell all their US Dollars in the next two weeks.

Bottom line

Instead of holding such a large amount of Canadian dollars that are depreciating due to inflation everyday and are subject to just a massive fall as the US Dollar is, you should consider putting some into. Gold is small and easy to store as opposed to silver and gold is a store of value.

You could also store it in a Brinks located in Calgary.

If the US Dollar loses value there is absolute good reason to believe that all fiat currencies like the Euro and Yen and the Canadian dollar will as well. It would be naïve to think otherwise.

This is what the central banks are doing and their buddies as well as many of my clients.

They are giving us an opportunity to make some changes.

They are literally telling us by placing it on both a left wing tv station and right wing station to tell the country that something is going to happen to their dollar.

How many warnings do we need?

Yours in Faith, Family and Freedom,



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