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What is a "Conspiracy" Anyways?

“Dismissing an argument or concern as a "conspiracy theory" is often a tactic used to silence the inquirer.”- Leslyn Lewis

A battle is upon us for what we are to believe. It is a silent war waged upon our minds. And anyone that questions the spoken narrative is attacked, silenced and most of the time shamed into silence.

But the past couple of weeks have shaken some of the closely held control tactics and brought conspiracy theories into the limelight.

We will start with Trudeau spilling the beans on the Great Reset. I am sure it pleased Klaus Schwab , founder of the World Economic Forum as it undoubtedly boosted sales of his new book, COVID-19: The Great Reset . No longer is the Great Reset a conspiracy theory and Schwab's book is somewhat of a manual on "what is to come."

The New World Order (NWO) which has been around forever is still an unproven theory. Watch this clip. In spite of that clip the NWO is still just an idea that some see as the end result that starts with the Great Reset, is part of the UN Agenda’s 21 and 2030, and leads to one totalitarian government that rules the all nations, based on the Chinese society model. Most certainly don't want to go down that road but there is a vocal group in the USA which has been pushing for all out socialism. Bernie Sanders, multi-millionaire an two time Presidential candidate with backing from the ever vocal Congress women nicknamed The Squad.

Last week a video appeared out of China where a Chinese speaker brags to a large group of fellow countrymen and women of China's influence with the political elite of the USA. (or this clip) . These clips makes you wonder how long until Wikipedia updates their page on the Deep State.

You may not have heard about these you watch Newsmax or FOX or happen to follow Post Millennial or True North. Censorship is alive and well. The Mainstream Media's (MSM) bias and lack of reporting "all the news" gives credence to a conspiracy theory called Operation Mockingbird. According to Wkipedia, Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the CIA that began in the early years of the Cold War with the intent to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.

Project Veritas recent sting on CNN helped confirm suspicions regarding the existence of Operation Mockingbird, or some form thereof. Mind you, the MSM along with Big Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook revealed their true colours by suppressing the Hunter Biden story two weeks before the election, and not making it front page news today even after the Chinese video, a Senate Report and criminal investigations out of the state of Delaware.

Interesting is that since the investigation was made public the New York Times has not written one story about it and theses networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN have devoted a total of 9 minutes in total. WOAH! And this is the son of a former Vice President who is supposed to become the next President. Joe didn't know? Hunter gained all this access because of his expertise in international affairs, energy companies and business savvy? Truth be told this man has struggled with a severe drug addiction for much of his adult life that has caused him to make some unwise choices. Can you imagine the media storm if this was Donald Trump Jr. !

Speaking of the Trump's, we should talk about a conspiracy theory, now properly referred to as a hoax, that dominated the airwaves around the world for more than 3 years. It was on every channel, everyday including FOX and it was dissected thoroughly. It not only proved to be a fake story, but it also attacked innocent people including, among many others, members of the Trump family, Congressman Devon Nunes, General and American patriot Michael Flynn and Trump ally Roger Stone. I am speaking of the Russian collusion hoax.

The Plot Against the President, that can be found on Amazon Prime is a documentary showing how the Deep State and the media tried to take down President Trump through a false flag operation to discredit and/or impeach him. It was conducted by the CIA and FBI using a fake report dubbed the Steele dossier. It was cringe-worthy seeing the character assassinations they did on Nunes, even going as far as investigating his wife, an elementary school teacher. Or a fully armed SWAT team showing up at 67-year-old Roger Stone’s house at 6:00 am and taking his wife and him into custody in their pajamas. And lo and behold, CNN just happened to have arrived 17 minutes prior and were able to catch the whole thing on video. Just CNN, no other network. Go figure.

Interesting to add this tidbit to chew on. In his farewell speech in 1961, Dwight Eisenhower warned of another element of US society, the Military Industrial Complex which is explained well in the comedy movie based on a true story called War Dogs. He was essentially warning the nation about the relationship between the government and defense-minded corporations (Deep State). He explained that both sides benefit from war—one side from obtaining war weapons, and the other from being paid to supply them. Wars and war games were plentiful through the Johnson, Nixon, Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama years. There were none started during the Trump years.

Going outside the main stream narrative today is not socially acceptable, and we have a choice. If we are content with that which is shown to us by the MSM, then we accept to be happy for that which we do not know. The risk we run as a society is to become apathetic which leaves us accepting that which comes to us.

As Leslyn Lewis points out; “This radical movement to suppress dialogue, speech and even beliefs is often supported by the media, which dictates what is and isn’t fact. Reported news is replaced by opinions and commentaries. Once these unsubstantiated facts are planted in the mind, they form a belief system that becomes very difficult to change: the connection to the belief and those who agree with it creates an emotional attachment to a warped version of reality, similar to how cults recruit and hold adherents.

“Canadian society has sped quickly towards an echo chamber, in which the occupants no longer tolerate the slightest disagreement. Rather than debating another person’s opinion, it is now acceptable to refute an argument by claiming it is “false,” a “lie” or “unscientific.”

Stay curious my friends, curious and skeptical.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan.



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