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What is the Real Reason Behind All This Nonsense? Money, Control or Both?

I took a few months off from blogging to refresh and soak up the sun. I have kept up as best as one can with the fast paced and ever-changing world and I debated on what my first blog back would look like, other than the one I posted about our family reunion on August 11.

So today I am going to dive into the most controversial subject and that is the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, which appears more and more like a plandemic, I have been skeptical. Skeptical of everything from the alleged pictures from China of people falling dead in the streets and being dragged from their homes. Remember, nothing gets out of Communist China that Communist China doesn’t want out. The list of inconstancies is long and hardly a day passes where more absurd realities once considered a conspiracy become fact.

A month ago, I was listening to Saskatchewan radio host John Gormley interviewing Dr. Volker Gerdts, CEO and Director of Vido-intervac in Saskatoon. VIDO is in the process of Phase II trials in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. While it is “nice’ that Saskatoon is employing people in the development of medical therapies I couldn’t help but start to wonder why.

The first question I had was, “Why do we need more vaccine companies this late in the game?” I thought we had world class vaccines that are in use that still haven’t finished their Phase III trials nor been approved. So why do we need 23 companies working on new vaccines for COVID-19?

Didn’t Trudeau just secure 35 million booster doses from Pfizer for 2022 and another 30 million doses for 2023. Did people that took the first two doses as instructed by the government and encouraged by their doctor knowing they would have to take boosters once or maybe twice per year?

Didn’t our government and most governments the world over send billions of dollars for "expedient"vaccine research, and then end up paying the company they sponsored for the vaccine?

Didn’t the vaccine companies just report massive billion-dollar profits? Not only for their Covid vaccine but also for other medications that treat the injuries being caused by the vaccines.

And in spite of the cash the vaccine companies received from taxpayers to develop, from taxpayers to purchase and then their grotesque profits we find our lovable United Nations family members, Unicef and Oxfam campaigning you and I, and our governments, which is you and I again, to donate money so that poorer countries can have access to the vaccine. This is ludicrous! It is obviously a cash grab and transfer of wealth of historical proportions. Why aren’t the billionaire Big Pharma’s being asked? Where is philanthropic Bill Gates? (Fauci has a large interest in Moderna and Gates in BioNTech, Pfizer’s partner)

Back to the radio interview where the Dr. Gerdts states that he is having trouble finding volunteers for the Phase II trials to which the host scoffs a bit and says something along the line about most people have had 1 or 2 shots and the antivaxxers aren’t going to line up, so I am sure it is going to be hard. In truly rehearsed fashion, as these shows are many times, the door opens for Gerdts to say that it doesn’t matter of you have had one or two shots you can still participate! This is where I laughed out loud, in the car, by myself. I couldn’t help but think how anyone could buy such an absurd proposition. Gerdts went onto to explain more technical explanation that they can measure viral loads of participants and still run a successful trial. I suppose, but really, don’t you want a clean trial unobstructed by the mRNA champions, Pfizer, Moderna or the even more controversial AstraZeneca?

I won’t get into the deaths and injuries that this vaccine is causing, I leave that for another blog. But I will state that from the beginning of this charade the end goal has been the vaccine, even if they aren’t approved, even if there always has been safer, less expensive and more efficient treatments readily available and even if these injections are not true vaccines in any way.

Which begs the question, “WHY?” There is a plethora of information and ideas that is readily available by using a search engine called DuckDuckGo. (Google has sanitized any information that goes against vaccines) I urge people to think as the plan appears to be an unlimited number of booster shots, that has to be concerning.

Here is a list of doctors, many much more qualified than any doctor in North America that have been pushing these vaccines without allowing any questioning. That includes Fauci, Tam, Shahab, Hendry, Hinshaw, and so on. The doctors listed below have been fighting the fight for over a year. They have allowed their professional reputations to be slandered in hopes they can stop the unnecessary and dangerous use of these vaccines that are being used for a virus much less deadly than advertised. The actual use of them is even believed by many, including world renowned vaccine specialist Geert Vanden Bossche, who write an open letter to all physicians worldwide on May 13, 2021 to be the cause of the variants.

Some of the doctors I follow, and I urge anyone that is interested in the truth to search out information. Doctors:

Carrie Madej, Judy Mikovits, Sherry Tenpenny, Pierre Kory, David Martin, Lee Merritt, Christine Northrup, Lawrence Pavelsky, Byram Bridle, Charles Hoffe, Francis Christian, Peter McCullough, Stephen Malthouse, Bill Code, Patrick Phillips, Caroline Turek, Neda Amani, Dorle Kneifel, Ash Kaur, Kulvinder Kaur, Martin Kulldorf, Ryan Cole, Mark Trozzi, Don Stock, and I could go on.

Here are a few sights of doctors and nurses to look up information:

One of tens of thousands of videos.

I am obviously not an advocate for the vaccine and certainly do not want children or pregnant women exposed to this whatsoever. I write this information with the same intent I have since I began blogging last November, to bring truth to the light. I have the gift of time to research and write. The health and well being of all people of this country is first and foremost. Together we can do better when we are all informed .

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,



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