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Where is the Opposition? Where is the Debate?

When do we return to normal? It has been a year; does anyone still believe this has been about our health?

Last Tuesday Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe and his “Doctor”, a doctor who has never cared for a patient in his life, never been on the front lines, stuck to the same talking points and told us normal would return when most everyone got the needle. They appeared rather pleased with themselves that “cases” (fake numbers now debunked even in the halo’ed Lancet) (Ref#1 last sentence of paragraph 3) and deaths were down and while we all can be thankful that not so many of the possibly preventable deaths are happening, we also are smart enough to know that flu season is coming to an end. A historic year in which we have no flu cases, amazing.

I have spilled a lot of ink going at Trudeau, Tam, Moe and Shahab, and rightfully so. The number of deaths that could have been prevented if proper preventative measures and use of safe pharmaceuticals had been implemented, not suppressed will sadly never be known. For that, the day of reckoning will appear, the truth always comes out and many will be held to account.

But we must not forget that we live in a democracy and under the extremely flawed British Parliamentary system we have something called, Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. In my country the Federal Opposition Leader is Erin O’Toole and, in my Province, that role is held by Ryan Meili, or Dr. Ryan Meili as he is a medical doctor. These two men come from different ideological backgrounds, but their roles are the same, to challenge the governing party on their policies and legislations. For the past 12 months I give both a big old F, for FAIL.

Let us start with O’Toole, the man who has said extraordinarily little. The only one that was speaking up for Canadian’s was an unelected candidate that should have beat him for the leadership, Leslyn Lewis who lately appears to have been silenced. Oh, Michelle Rempel Garner has been making noise lately but where was she all fall and winter as these egregious lockdowns were destroying people’s lives at a cost greater than the virus itself?

We also have 14 Conservative MPs elected in our Province that have done little to nothing other than write a letter or two. Essentially, one would surmise by the lack of debate from the opposition party was quite pleased that Trudeau, Tam, Hajdu and the rest of the gang in the Federal government are doing a nag up job. There is another “Leader”, he goes by Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet actually has the power to bring down Trudeau’s government and with that, cold wield a lot of power in helping save Canada’s way of life, save lives, businesses and so on. Instead, he provides support for Trudeau, and a ton of and useless word salad. Truly a political parasite and an afterthought. He is content to have his little place of irrelevance and social status rather than help Canadians.

And then we have Ryan Meili, the loyal opposition to the Saskatchewan government. As mentioned, Meili is medical doctor, and his profession is important. I recall Meili had asked to be part of the initial team back in March 2020 to coordinate the provincial government response for this virus that was going to wipe out 3k to 8k of our population here in Saskatchewan. That would have been a great idea given his medical background is unmatched in the governing party. But there was a provincial election coming up and as such, good old politics got in the way of what may have been a good pickup for the team.

Since then, Meili has been less than constructive. The only things he talks about are municipalizing the care homes and locking down the province even further. Those have been his contributions, hardly any better than O’Toole and proof Moe was correct in not recruiting him to be part of the solution.

I wonder why Meili, who knows medicine wouldn’t have his caucus, who have little more to do than attend a few virtual committee meetings, to assist him in contacting some of the 50,000 or more physicians worldwide that have been on the frontlines saving lives using repurposed pharmaceuticals. And why has he not asked the obvious question that the media hasn’t, “Dr. Shahab, why have you not once mentioned that everyone should be taking adequate dosages of Vitamin D to boost their immune systems? (Ref#2).

There is so much more that should have been done. I can give him a list of Doctors: Malthouse, Kaur, Kory, McCullough and Visch. Or maybe Dr. José Natalio Redondo, President of the Rescue Group from the poor country of Dominican Republic who by September 29th had already saved over 6,000 patients with Covid-19 using ivermectin. (Ref#4). Who cares what Health Canada says, give your doctors carte blanche authority to save lives first and answer questions later? Stand up for the people not the politics.

But instead, Dr, Meili, you showed all of the Province exactly what you would have done as Premier. You would have you had even tighter restrictions and full-blown lockdowns. Your measures would have amplified the already devastating collateral damage. Those moves would have increased the incidence of psychological damage to children all to control a disease that has killed 0.03%(Ref#3) of our population. As Opposition leader you have the positional power and access to physicians almost anywhere. Your status would open doors that people like myself cannot. You had the opportunity to show people how you would lead this province and you blew it.

Bottom line is it has been more than a year and we have no end game in sight except the dreams of everyone getting a needle for a virus that is a relation to the common cold and the flu and is treatable. We have ample evidence to choose whether this is about health and safety of we the people or if it is about power, control, politics, and the almighty dollar.

Do we still believe that politicians and their doctors have our backs? Normal will never be the same, they have destroyed our old normal, but we, as a collective of divine and sovereign beings have the God given right to choose how we want to spend our time on this planet. We don’t need to wait for permission from any politician unless they have become your God.

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,


3. This could have been lower and how many of these were from the normal flu season and other pre-existing conditions)


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