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I always knew the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, but I never expected it to play out in real life and watch it destroy peoples lives and our society.

I can't sit back and watch this happen. I wish I was able to pursue other topics such as history and sports but I have kids and grand-kids that won't allow my conscience to sit back and say nothing. What kind of a society do we live in that people are afraid of their own government or their neighbours for that matter for standing up for our freedoms. Our way of life, which so many of us take for granted could disappear before our very eyes due to failed policies of our leaders unless someone offers a debate. Eleven months now of hearing the same song isn't just insanity, it is causing insanity!

Does no one find it odd that not one elected official in Canada other than Randy Hillier and Roman Baber, MPPs from Ontario are demanding a debate of the protocols being handed down from Dr. Tam and PM Trudeau? Since when did all the 13 Premier of Canada become so impotent and compliant? Where is our voice, our debate? How does it get heard? It isn't through elected officials. In addition to having 61 MLAs we have 14 Conservative Members of Parliament, that, as far as I know, have offered nothing constructive whatsoever to the discussion.

Call me crazy but I will not hoddle in my basement with two masks on waiting for these failed and absurd policies to miraculously cure the issue with the little bug before I can resume my life to normal. If we don't all start acting as if we care about freedom of choice and personal accountability then our grandchildren will be left with whats left.

On January 27th I emailed an open letter to all members of the Saskatchewan Legislature (MLAs), Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe. The letter was written on behalf of the Coalition for a Common Sense Approach to COVID 19 and signed by 98 people. The intent of the letter was to bring awareness to the MLAs of what other countries are doing to reduce hospitalization and deaths while keeping their economies open and their communities in full operation including schools, and sports and all the events and freedoms we had as a society prior to March of 2020. These are all real-life issues that Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe certainly would know.

The letter was written by me, with research compiled by myself and numerous friends.

The letter was an evolution from the studies that I had been doing on this whole charade that we have been going through.

The letter was completed because nothing made sense, and as time went on the protocols and mandates and the speeches by the health leaders and government officials went from acceptable (okay we can do this “for a while”) to absurd (do they think everyone is asleep, blindly believing and hanging on their every word when they haven't changed their words for 11 months?).

The letter has since been endorsed by 11 Canadian doctors and medical professionals and acknowledged as professionally researched and referenced. We thank them for being courageous enough to stick their necks out when so many are afraid of the social stigma or their professional licences.

Stephen Malthouse,MD

Patrick Phillips, MD

Ira Bernstein, MD

Elizabeth Bastion, MD

Linda Rapson, MD

Robert Gully, MD

Francesco Anello, MD

Darrell Hamm, MD

Robert Banner, MD

Michael Palmer, MD

Denise Lynn Buchner, Ph.D., M.A., B.Ed. (AE)

Since the release, the attention has been overwhelmingly positive and truly humbling. The letter has received close to 10,000 views and yet we have not heard one word from a government official, not one!

There have also been dissenters, disbelievers and trolls that cannot come to believe that our leaders would intentionally mislead them, therefore the research in the open letter must be bogus. For them I suggest they read the open letter including reading or watching all the links. They can also do their own research using the search engine DuckDuckGo rather than Google as Google is bleached of any real content, censored to fit the narrative.

Other than that all I can say to the doubters that the letter and my blogs are only intended to share factual research and knowledge that is not being reported by the mainstream media or our leaders. I can't understand it for you, I can only explain it. The rest is up to you.

Other than the people mentioned above we have also sent the open letter to Dr. Joseph Blondeau at the University of Saskatchewan as he is frequently quoted by the local media. We asked for his endorsement and received no reply.

In addition we sent it numerous medical professionals and to numerous associations such as the Saskatchewan Chiropractors Association and no reply.

We gave many the opportunity to many others including the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Sask Party MLAs, the NDP MLAs and Dr. Shahab to acknowledge the work and testimony of professionals such as these that were used for our research but heard nothing.

Names such as:

· Dr. Harvey Risch Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine

· Dr. Peter McCullough, Vice Chief of Internal Medicine, Baylor University Medical Center

· Dr. José Natalio Redondo, President, Rescue Group of Physicians (Dominican Republic)

· Dr. Pierre Kory the President of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) Medical Director, Trauma and Life Support Center Chief, Critical Care Service Associate Professor of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

· Dr. Paul Marik, Endowed Prof. of Medicine, Chief, Div. Of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia

· Dr. G. Umberto Meduri, Prof. of Medicine University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine and Research Services, Memphis V.A. Medical Centre

· Dr. Joseph Varon, Prof. of Acute & Continuing Care, Chief of Staff & Chief of Critical Care, United Memorial Medical Centre, Houston, Texas

· Dr. Jose Iglesias, Assoc. Prof., Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall, Dept. of Nephrology & Critical Care/Community Medical Centre and Jersey Shore University Medical Centre, Neptune, New Jersey

· Dr. Keith Berkowitz, Medical Director, Centre for Balanced Health, Voluntary Attending Physician, Lenox Hill Hosp., New York, NY

· Dr. Howard Kornfeld, Board Certified: Emergency Med., Pain Med., Addiction Med., President, Pharmacology of Policy Institute, Clinical Faculty, Pain Fellowship Program, Univ. of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine, Founder and Medical Director, Recovery Without Walls, Mill Valley, Calif.

· Dr. Fred Wagshul, Pulmonologist & Med. Dire. Lung Centre of America, Clinical Instructor, Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio

· Dr. Eivind H. Vinjevoll, Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine, Volda, Norway

· Scott Mitchell MRCS, Assoc. Specialist, Emergency Dept, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, States of Guernsey

· Dr. Eric Osgood, Medical Director, Mission Hospitalists, St. Francis Medical Centre, Trenton, N.J.

- Juliet Morrison, Virologist and Assoc. Prof., University of California, Riverside

- Dr. Ari Joffe ,Clinical Professor,Department of Pediatrics, University of Alberta, Pediatric Physician, Intensive Care, Stollery Children's Hospital, Edmonton

- Dr. Matt Strauss, Assistant professor of Medicine at Queens University, Toronto and former Director of the Critical Care Unit at Guelph General Hospital

-Dr. Richard Schabas, former Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health (1987-97)

· And many others……

The Medical officials of this province and the government officials have not only shunned the works of these esteemed professionals they have also dismissed the work that other countries are using that is clearly outlined in the open letter as well but repeated here:

· Greece, Germany, Costa Rica, Cuba, India, Morocco, Israel, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Algeria, Senegal, Ukraine, and others.

To restate: The goal of the letter:

To educate the Provincial government and the public on how we can reduce hospitalizations and deaths while safely reopening the economy, using treatments and strategies that have been used for the past 11 months in numerous countries around the world. We see no reason why any government official or healthcare provider would ignore the best possible treatment for its people when it comes to lowering hospitalizations, stop suffering and lower mortality rates. We also see no reason for the media to bury information such as this from the public.

These are nine steps we believe are required to accomplish the goal of this letter.

1. Health officials to accept that a healthy immune system is the most important defence against any bug including this one.

2. Immediately let everyone know that a deficiency in vitamin D is common in Canada and makes one more susceptible to catching the virus. Explain what a healthy daily dose of vitamin D is and set out instructions.

3. Instruct all care homes to educate their occupants on the importance of vitamin D and have the government make sure that ample supplies are procured and administered.

4. Initiate instructions to physicians to commence using other prophylaxis treatments including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin where necessary.

5. Initiate instructions to physicians to commence early outpatient treatments using repurposed drugs including the above-mentioned pharmaceuticals and many others mentioned in the open letter.

6. Protect the most vulnerable as according to the Great Barrington Declaration signed by over 50,000 medical professionals worldwide while reopening the economy to normal so that herd immunity is reached amongst the healthy as soon as possible.

7. Re-open the economy, our communities, and mandate all freedoms be restored. Masks, social distancing, and other needless protocols cease to exist. Those that desire to continue to isolate, wear a mask and so on are welcome to but the government no longer will cross the line from making recommendations to imposing laws that take away the people's right to decide for themselves how to balance their risks and priorities.

8. For the healthy, if they get symptoms, treat them with the early-outpatient protocol used by the physicians in jurisdictions and countries mentioned in the Open Letter.

9. For those in later stages of infection, instruct physicians to use the re-purposed drugs and supplements in their treatments.

Overwhelmingly it is our elders that are suffering and dying and as such we hope that Dr. Shahab and his associates would immediately mandate or strongly urge the use of prophylaxis treatments such as Vitamin D, Zinc, and off-brand pharmaceuticals. For the sick, mandate physicians to treat them with the medications that are used by the above countries and the medical professionals.

This chart shows that in Canada 72% were nursing home deaths. Who is standing up for our seniors? Not one provincial politician. The Sask. Party caucus are as quiet as church mice and the NDP are playing politics of all things, by suggesting "now" is a good time to have a debate about all nursing homes being run by the state.

Can someone please demand actual proper preventative procedures and treatments for our dear elders?

Yours in love of this great province we call Saskatchewan,



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