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21 Questions and Request for a Public Debate-the public deserves answers

Open Letter # 2 to Dr. Shahab, Premier Moe and Saskatchewan MLAs

Open Letter March 31, 2021

There has been no debate for over a year. Meanwhile, people in Saskatchewan are dying and suffering. We are requesting a Live Public Debate. We believe that all Saskatchewanian’s deserve to have the following questions answered. We are ready when you are.

Dear Dr. Shahab, Premier Moe and all Saskatchewan MLAs,

For the love of humanity, and on behalf of the children and the elderly of this province, we ask all of you as elected members of our province, and you Dr. Shahab, an employee of the people of this province to answer some rather easy questions and make changes to your protocols to stop the suffering.

For over one year now you have told us to stay six feet apart, wash our hands, wear a mask, limits on gathering as a family or a community, isolate asymptomatic children in a room by themselves for two weeks and, urge us to take an experimental injection. That has been the extent of what we get.

We emailed all of you; the MLAs, Dr. Shahab and Premier Moe an Open Letter on January 27th on behalf of 98 other people we call the Coalition for a Common-sense Approach to COVID-19. This letter was endorsed by 12 doctors who are public and dozens more that are afraid to speak up. (Ref#E) This letter is 23 pages long and is a “solutions-based approach” that is being used worldwide to lower hospitalizations and mortality while keeping our communities and business open. The letter was never answered, not one MLA responded let alone the Premier or Dr. Shahab. This letter was not an attack but constructive criticism that simply breaks down an actionable plan, a “solutions-based approach.”

As you will note the letter is written with a deep concern for the deaths happening in care homes, the rising mental health issues of children and the demise of small business. We referred to the collateral damage and sincerely hoped that the letter would have been given some consideration considering the recommendations are used around the entire world.

Dr. Shahab, you are entrusted to protect the people of this province. Premier Moe constantly refers to you when he announces any new restrictions or protocols. So, we ask the questions below, but we highlight a few here:

· Why were all people of the province not alerted to the fact that most Canadians are deficient of vitamin D and that normal vitamin D reduces hospitalizations by up to 90%? (Ref#D.1)

· Why have you suppressed life saving medications such as ivermectin when people in the USA and around the world are receiving this life saving treatment. (Ref#D1)

Premier Moe

· Premier Moe, a leaders first job is to protect his people and you have failed. You have a chance to change this around by implementing the strategies before you. The truth will come out, it always does. Please do the right thing and allow the doctors to save lives.

· If this truly is the world’s worst pandemic in a century why have you not communicated through town hall meetings, (virtual if you feel the need) to assure the people you have a plan and share that plan with us. There are some people that are truly afraid, and their leader should be calming them down.

I have attached 21 questions that I ask you to answer and reply to me

1. How do you justify reporting the number of cases based on a PCR test when the entire world is aware that the PCR test was never intended for coronavirus detection and the results are extremely inaccurate with numerous false positives, especially when you can control the number of cycles (Saskatchewan cycles at 36 or higher)? (Ref#A)

2. When you run tests the number of cases always directly correlates to the number of tests done. What do you say to the critics that suggest whenever you want to get more cases to keep the province locked down you simply do more tests?

3. Why have never told people how to boost their immune system and stay healthy? Isn't that a "health" officers’ duty? Why would you create a video on getting an experimental injection when you had over 12 months to teach your people the best way to fight COVID is through a healthy immune system that includes getting their Vitamin D levels tested and supplements taken so as to lower the risk of illness exponentially?

4. Why do you use a six-inch swab that touches the thin membrane between the nasal cavity and the brain and is sterilized with a cancer causing agent Ethylene Oxide?

5. Why have you completely disregarded the view of the 55,000 infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists that signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration that states?

“The Declaration was written from a global public health and humanitarian perspective, with special concerns about how the current COVID-19 strategies are forcing our children, the working class and the poor to carry the heaviest burden. The response to the pandemic in many countries around the world, focused on lockdowns, contact tracing and isolation, imposes enormous unnecessary health costs on people. In the long run, it will lead to higher COVID and non-COVID mortality than the focused protection plan we call for in the Declaration."

6. How do respond to frontline doctors such as Canadians, Phillips, Gulvinder Kaur Gill, Ash Kaur, Hodkinson, Modry, Malthouse, to name just a few, as well as US doctors Kory, Cole, McCullough, Visch, Gold, Merrit and numerous others, that had we followed the recommendations of the Great Barrington Deceleration as well as treated patients with proven drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D and Zinc we would never have been in this situation? (Ref#D)

7. Were you aware that doctors in the USA and Ontario using ivermectin, Zinc and Vitamin D to treat their patients for COVID 19? Why isn't Saskatchewan doing it?

8. Have you reached out to any of the doctors that work in the front lines saving peoples lives that live in the USA or other places in the world that have been using HCQ, ivermectin and other drugs?

9. Can you explain to the public why you never protected the seniors and the vulnerable, that was recommended in the Great Barrington Declaration and made sure they were tested for Vitamin D levels and treated with it. And treated as well with HCQ or ivermectin and other known safe drugs that are used in over 50 other countries with success and have proven through scientific studies to lower mortality from 50% to 90%?

10. Why did the Government of Saskatchewan write a bulletin to health care providers and pharmacists on March 24,2020 outlining new rules specifically denying easy and quick access to treat their patients with the harmless drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)? (Ref#B)

11. Why would you not have procured sufficient quantities of HCQ, ivermectin, vitamin D and Zinc and mandate people take a proactive approach to prevent illness and to treat the ill?

12. If this truly is the most dangerous virus, we have ever experienced then why have not all weapons been used, such as mentioned above, to save lives?

13. A doctor's first responsibility is to do no harm, yet by consciously allowing suffering and deaths when they know of readily available treatments, are they not culpable? Would not the Sask Health Association and the Government of Saskatchewan be guilty of conscious negligence as well?

14. Show us the science on the effectiveness of masks?

15. What do you say to the children of Saskatchewan that have almost zero risk of getting sick why you have denied them their lives such as attending school, graduations, their sports, and their cultural activities while creating a tsunami of mental illness and suicides? I am sure you are aware, and I quote Dr. Patrick Phillips, "Children have a very low expression to the Ace 2 receptor which is what the virus attaches to and allows it to invade our cells and they are not a great vector of spread. Studies have shown next to zero transmission to adults meaning their teachers are extremely safe in a full classroom with no masks or restrictions of any kind." Knowing this, how can you look these children and their parents in the eye and justify the repressive policies you've placed upon their lives and the years of trauma that may follow? What would you tell them?

16. Why would you waste resources on the incredibly inaccurate PCR tests on children. If you really wanted to crank up the testing why not test people wanting to visit their loved ones in care homes as these people are suffering mentally as well? People in nursing homes deserve better.

17. How do you answer to Dr. Joffe, who says the collateral damage such as substance abuse, child and domestic abuse, mental illness, unemployment, and bankruptcy is at least 10x worse than COVID-19 itself? (Ref#C)

18. What are your plans to get us back to normal and how are you addressing the mental health crisis and what are your plans for the future?

19. Why have you not spoken out against the Federal government forcibly and illegally detaining people arriving from out of country by air?

20. Can you guarantee that you will make sure that a vaccine passport is not required for the people of Saskatchewan to move on with their sovereign rights?

21. Have you considered giving everyone getting the injection you refer to as a vaccine, the full information such as: this drug has not completed it’s testing, the drug’ side effects including the deaths and adverse reactions that are recorded by VAERS of the CDC and Yellow Card though the NHS?


1. The actual inventor of the PCR tests, Dr. Kary Mullis states that testing for coronavirus is meaningless

Quotes from the Inventor of the PCR test Dr. Kary Mullis, (1944-2019) winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry,

“The PCR Test is a DNA yest that does not detect viruses or illnesses”.

“PCR……..It doesn’t tell you that you are sick and doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you”.

2. A World Health Organization notice dated December 14, 2020 admitting that the PCR test is a “hit and miss process with way too many false positives.” The so-called cycle threshold is an important parameter as the high cycle load Saskatchewan is using is likely to be picking up numerous false positives.

Cases mean nothing, we need to stop focusing on them, the tests are not accurate, and focus our energies elsewhere. The WHO restated the above on January 20, 2021

3. Nathalie Grandvaux, the President of the Canadian Society for Virology, Co-director of Réseau Québécois COVID, Director at Laboratory of host-virus interaction at the CHUM, and a Professor at the Université de Montréal.

“Any test with a cycle threshold above 35 is too sensitive, agreed Juliet Morrison, a virologist at the University of California, Riverside. “I’m shocked that people would think that 40 could represent a positive,” she told the New York Times. Saskatchewan is using 36 according to this report.

4. Swiss Policy Research, Oct. 4/2020, The Trouble with PCR Tests.

Yours truly,

Daryl Cooper on behalf of the Coalition for a Common-sense Approach to COVID-19


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