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Fear No Evil - A Time For Action

It is difficult for people to believe that their government would lie to them, especially for Canadian’s as we have been regarded as a country that is truly, “The True North Strong and Free.” It is difficult to accept that Canada’s court system and RCMP have been corrupted at the highest levels. And it is unfathomable to many that the mainstream media wouldn’t be reporting all of this if it were true.

I wish none of this was true. I truly hope one morning I will wake up and find that the thousands of doctors and the millions of people around the world that I follow are all wrong. I hope that the 60,000+ medical professionals who signed the Great Barrington Declaration all come out and announce that they were mistaken and that every step that Tedros, Fauci, Gates and Tam, and the rest of them, have been right all along and we haven't been led astray. Unfortunately, this is extremely unlikely, as each day more and more information is revealed as the Apocalypse is well under way.

The definition of Apocalypse is, “a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge.” If you haven’t experienced the great wake up yet you soon will be given that opportunity.

I have gone hard after the Federal and Provincial governments, and rightfully so. They were elected by the people to serve them and they have done the opposite. The fact that not one government in Canada has accepted a challenge for a debate speaks volumes. You think they would be eager to defend their actions and snuff out folks like myself. The fact that the media asks no tough questions and covers up the obvious is as hideous. It is hard to fathom men like Moe, Kenney and Ford being so corrupt to allow their people to suffer and die if they weren’t being controlled. Controlled by the globalist agenda of the WEF and the UN pulling their strings is the only answer for their suppression of life saving medications and their disgraceful promotion of a dangerous injection for a virus that has a 99.96% survival rate.

The experimental jab is now horrifyingly being promoted to children, a demographic that doesn’t get sick from it. They must know the statistics. They must know that 9 out of 4,000 children died with 28 days in clinical trials, that 7 almost died while another 3 were permanently disabled. For children, the death rate for the jab is 0.2% but the death rate from the virus is only 0.003% making the jab 66.6% more deadly! I am sure they are aware that more people have died in the USA from this jab than have died from all vaccines combined in the past 15 years! Someone had to have told them that in the USA, the UK and Europe, according to their government reporting systems, that more than 15,000 people have been “reported” to have died from the jab and according to a Harvard study done in 2015, only about 1% of injuries and deaths from vaccines are ever reported, as the system is voluntary. A caring government would put a stop to this madness promptly and an honest media would be reporting it.

Then there are the injuries such as heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, bells palsy and so on. The “shedding” or is it “T-cell jumping”, no one knows for sure, but something is up. Unvaxxed people are reporting moderate to severe effects after being around a vaxxed person. Females are experiencing menstrual troubles. All ages, from girls as young as 2 experiencing bleeding after being around vaccinated people, to post-menopausal women bleeding, and other women seeing changes in their cycles.

Instead of calling a halt to this our governments are upping the game giving it to kids and waging war on anyone trying to get this information out. Between the government’s attitude and their media pals they have created a great division in society. On one side a religious cult some call the Branch Covidians that support jabs and lockdowns and mock and attack the other side that see it much different. So many people have become hostile and aggressive and seem to have lost all sense of humanity towards anyone that brings information they don’t agree with. And where is the humanity in the media, the medical community, the Church pastors and other people of authority who are promoting the jab with the eagerness of a child at Disneyland. These people have the influence to bring people together while the government sorts through the mess they are in.

We have to understand that either our government leaders are completely clueless, are evil and heartless or are controlled and helpless. It is one of the three and I suspect it is the latter. Not Federally but provincially. Trudeau is more than happy to sell us out. When you are 49 years old and had never accomplished anything in life until you became Prime Minister, and have adored globalism and communism your entire life, you are happy to feel important in selling out the prize jewel, the country of Canada.

So, what can you do? I believe that God has this, but we are his warriors. He wants us to fight for our liberties and freedoms from the godlessness that is upon us. There is a job for everyone.

We can pray for protection and enlightenment for our provincial leaders to be brave.

We can form an army of pesky wasps that gets in the face of the media and ask why they aren’t asking tough questions such as was asked in this blog.

Organize small groups to flood the talk show phone lines such as John Gormley in Saskatchewan. He knows the truth but for whatever reason he’s not questioning a thing.

Write letters to the newspapers, call the newspapers. Be heard.

You can all the elected officials and expect an answer.

We can call doctors and find out which ones are writing prescriptions for ivermectin and such and ask those that don’t, why not.

You can go on social media and go after the doctors promoting misinformation about the safety of the vaccine. They are so eager you would think they were being paid. Their eagerness is reckless and endangering lives. Here are three doctors that I know of:

· Hassan Masri – Facebook – his name, Twitter - @drhassoun, Instagram - @hassmaz

His quote, There is only ONE tier of vaccines. ONE that saves your life, ONE that you should get as soon as it’s offered to you, ONE that is safe and effective, ONE that have prevented millions of Canadians so far from this getting sick

· Kyle Anderson – Twitter - @DrKyle

· Alexander Wong – Twitter - @awong37

It is a time for courage not apathy, to be considerate for those that disagree but to stand tall in your truth, and a time for self care, for when this tribulation ends, and the truth is revealed, God will need your compassion and care for the injured.

Psalms 23:4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan,



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