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Wisdom and Knowledge, For Your Health and Well being

Why is it that so many of the same people that fight so hard to protect the Earth from pollution, are lining up to inject an experimental toxin into their own ecosystem without it ever having gone through a proper environmental assessment?

Our bodies are created with an amazing environment. Like the Earth, when we take care of our ecosystem we operate and function at a high level. This includes our immune system. The statistics (using Alberta as Saskatchewan doesn’t provide) clearly show us. 1) 90% of COVID-19 deaths happened to people that had 2 or more pre-existing conditions and 97% had at least 1. That means just 3% of the deaths were people that had a healthy ecosystem. With a disease that has a 99.97% survival rate why would you play Russian Roulette by Jabbing an experimental toxin into your system that has never been approved by Health Canada, the FDA or any other world body.

Not one of the Jab manufacturers have been approved. They were rushed to market with an Emergency Use Authorization. But where is the emergency? This virus is no more deadly than a bad flu. Furthermore, up to 80% of the deaths that did occur may have been prevented had Canadian doctors administered plant based drugs such as HCQ or ivermectin along with other proven medications. Many of them would not have even got sick if our “so called experts” had spent as much time making people aware of the importance of having adequate Vitamin D levels as they did telling us to wash our bloody hands, something our parents taught us at 2 years old! In (Ref#1) video you will hear 11 doctors outline exactly what I have said for months and recorded in the Jan 27th Open Letter (Ref#2) to the Saskatchewan Premier, Dr. Shahab and all provincial legislators. I also did a follow up blog (Ref#3) that condenses the work and is a blueprint for any economy to fully reopen with less hospitalizations and deaths. It has been completely ignored. Go figure.

Other quips:

· China, Russia and India are not using mRNA Jabs because, as Chinese Prof Luo Dahai of the Nanyang Technological University says, “CoronaVac is a more traditional method that is successfully used in many well-known Jabs like rabies, whereas mRNA Jabs like Pfizer and Moderna are a new type of Jab and there is [currently] no successful example [of them] being used in the population.” (Ref#8) Wow!

· To compare any of these Jabs with smallpox, measles or polio is like comparing apples to oranges. They are not the same in any shape or form. If you watch any video, watch this! you. .

  • Moderna has “never even produced a single drug” let alone a Jab in its existence. As Prof. Dahai states, there are traditional methods and then there are experimental.

· One education piece is my blog, “To Vax or Not”. Researched extensively with the assistance of a virologist friend and a few others.

· The blog starts stating that Knowledge is Power. It truly is. The media and the government are one source but they say the same thing. Go online and check for reputable medical professionals that have no agenda but to save lives. My posts on Facebook and my blogs are filled with names of credible sources, I never wing it or make anything up, I simply follow respected professionals.

Spend more time researching the Jab before you get. This is an investment in your life and there is no undo button on these Jabs. It does not flush through your system; it alters your immune operating system. And once you get the knowledge take a breath and see what your gut is telling you. That Wisdom is inside all of us, the innate knowing when something is off. Wisdom complements and knowledge, in fact, successful people use both in all aspects of their lives.

· Study up on what cytokine storm is. The initial Jab may not kill you but the new genetic operating system never quits working inside of you and next time you encounter a virus, well, this is what killed the cats and ferrets in previous nRNA trials. And Moderna or Pfizer never used animals this time around. Wikipedia does not speak highly of Moderna. then reprograms the cells to prompt immune responses. It is a novel technique, abandoned by other manufacturers because of the side effects of repeatedly inserting mRNA into cells by way of lipid nanoparticles, which were found by the other manufacturers to become cytotoxic.”

· To prove that the thousands of doctors are not all conspiracy theorists I introduce to one of the world’s leading vaccine experts and producers of vaccines. Geert Vanden Boscche strongly condemns the COVID Jabs in an Open Letter (Ref#14) he publicized as well as this video. (Ref#13) Geert is a virologist and vaccine expert; he is a pro-vaxxer, but not this one. He is formerly employed by GAVI and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

· In a Norway nursing home 23 seniors died shortly after their Pfizer Jab. (Ref#4) In Reference #5 video you learn about what the mRNA jab is all about and in #6 are other doctors that put their professional reputations on public display to educate people and save lives.

· AstraZeneca has been suspended for use in 12 countries due to deaths and serious complications. Our great Province is gong ahead with it and I heard radio personalities and Dr. Joe Blondeau from the U of S even go on about how safe all the Jabs are. This is so irresponsible. Yet, our Premier, Health Minister and Chief Medical Advisor are pumping the Jabs as if they were on commission. I wish they would have pumped Vit D and HCQ earlier and saved some lives. Its like Moe, Shahab, Blondeau, Gormley et al picked up their brochures at Walmart and are out selling. Either all these people are completely naïve for which they all should step down or they are negligent, for which they will be held to account..

· Does anyone not even care or find it strange that Dr. Tam or Shahab or any of the Canadian medical advisers told their people that the best way to protect themselves would be to have a strong immune system and use vitamin D and zinc. I mean this is elementary stuff and so appallingly obvious. And why did they suppress proven treatments?

  • If this truly was a once in a century deadly disease wouldn’t you you pull out all stops to save peoples lives and address their needs? Would you not be calming people down instead of speaking incessantly about cases that are proven to be all smoke and mirrors to scare and scold people?


What needs to be taken into account the deaths from Jab don’t discriminate on age. The virus is generally with the more frail but the Jab kills people that wouldn’t likely die from the virus.

· In the USA the CDC reports a total of 25,212 adverse events , 1,265 deaths including 36 sudden abortions and 4,424 serious injuries. (Ref#11) It is estimated that only 10% of adverse reactions and deaths get reported as it is incumbent the family report, not the doctor or the coroner, which it should be,but regardless, it is better than Canada or Saskatchewan, we have none.

- In the UK, as of Feb 14th, 1 in every 33,956 doses of AtraZeneca resulted in a death and 1 in every 42,131 doses of Pfizer proved fatal (Ref#12)

I have no agenda and everyone has a personal decision. I do this because I truly do care about the people of this province, and the country for that matter, and I don’t see or hear of any government official or bureaucrat or any Saskatchewan doctor doing anything but singing from the same choir book. Doctors are too scared to speak out for fear of public backlash and I have no idea what is the matter with the government other than it is all about the money. They do as they are told by Tam and Trudeau and that concerns the hell out of me.

Gain the knowledge, check out the foundation of the truth and the stuff that makes you go hmm. Then do some critical thinking, ask why did they fast track a dangerous Jab for a bad flu? I say follow the money. Trust your internal guidance system, your wisdom, your intuition.

We truly are all in this together.

References mentioned in the blog can be found at under References.

Yours in love of this great Province we call Saskatchewan



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